8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People

By James Dazouloute ---  Best Advice: Mind Your Business! Take Care Of You! Stay In Your Lane! Do You! Sweep Up Your Own House!...
8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People
  And the list goes on and on reminding you to stop gossiping about others, to stop worrying about what others are doing, to stop  minding other people business. And you will avoid a ton of Legal Troubles for yourself. 

And I know that you might say that You have a mouth and a mind, so you automatically have the right to think and say what you want, and in doing that - give your opinion about anyone. But I got to tell you Beloved, that many have died for saying the wrong thing to someone who was on edge, as well for running their mouth about someone who has many killers on standby to take a life. And not to forget that even at work, if you run your mouth about someone, and upper management find out about you making fun, or spreading lies and gossips, then you will be terminated, and then may be sued by that individual for Defamation Of Character. And then you will have lost your job, now you are about to lose your car, your savings and home on a Judgement... Just because You won't stop running your mouth.  
8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People

STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE... And you've heard people say: Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth. And there is a good reason for that, because some people have anger management issues, and they may physically assault you, pound on you and beat you to a pulp... And For What? All Because You Won't Stop Talking About People... So Do Your Thing...   

8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People
  1. It's polite to keep your mouth shut and not speak gossip
  2. It shows you have an inferiority complex
  3. You are Keeping the peace when you are not running your mouth
  4. Waste of time to talk about other people
  5. It would hurt their feelings to know that you have put all their business out there.
  6. It could lead you to engage with someone whose goal is to ensnare you.
  7. Talk to fill the silence, but not when you are spewing out lies and assumptions about others
  8. You can be shot or murdered, and your family members may have to pay for you running your mouth, and you can be sued for all you have right now and in the future
8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People



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