Please Feed Me, Oh Creator Of All --- A Spiritual Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Give Me Food Oh My God, for I am weakening rapidly due to lack of nutrients coming from you as My Source. Yes give me sustenance Heavenly Father, as I
Please Feed Me, Oh Creator Of All --- A Spiritual Poem... SEE:
  plead through this poem to receive the food of the Holy Angels. Give me the kind of food that only You know my soul needs, for You are my Creator and my God who designed me for all that I would have to have to grow, to live, and to be super energetic in serving and worshiping You. Yes You my God, have all the great foods I need. So do for me like You did for Daniel and his friends in Babylon, so do for me like You did for Your Prophet Elijah in the brooks, so do for me like you did for Your Only Begotten Son, when You sent the Holy Angels to feed Him.

Yes give me food Dear Father, for I need food for the soul, I need food for my life, and I need all the grains that Your Nation Yisrael had to receive when You allowed them to go down to Egypt. I also need  the kind of food that enriches my soul like Your Holy Living Word, and I need as well Your Food of Forgiveness, Your food of Compassion, Your food of Pure Love, and Your Food of Patience. For all that will make me whole, all that will enrich me, and all that will enlighten me as well.   
Please Feed Me, Oh Creator Of All --- A Spiritual Poem... SEE:

Yes Adonai, do give me the food that I need. Do give to me that natural ingredients that will strengthen me, do give me the type of food like Your Manna from Heaven. Do give me the rich food that I must have to be perfect enough to worship you in truth and in spirit. Do give me the great food of love that I must have, so I can find the courage to serve You in the face of Adversity. Do give me Your Food Of Life that will save me into Eternity. And Please, Oh Dear God, Do not ever forget to give The Food Of Salvation that I must have, in order to be forgiven of my sins, and have entrance to Your Kingdom.

And so A Poem to remind You that You must give me my food, and a poem to also speak my gratefulness to You and my thankfulness to Your provision for all the foods that You give to me daily. Oh Dear God, I bless You for being the Great Creator of all foods, for being the God who gives energy for all vegetables and fruits to grow. Also I thank You Dear God for the food that is the Blood of Your Only Begotten Son that I must drink, as well as the Body Of Your Only Begotten Son that I must eat, all in order to live as a perfect Angel through the New and Everlasting Blood Covenant.  

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Please, Please give me food Oh Dear God, so I could be as strong as Samson, so I could be as courageous as King David, so I could be as Powerful as Moses, so I could be a Perfect Obedient Servant as Your Son Was. Yes give me food only from Your Holy Heaven, give me food only from Your Great Storehouse, give me food only from Mother Earth as You intended. And once more, Thank You Dear God for all the food that you give to me.

I am so full from the food that You have provided for me. I am so rich with all the provision that You have given to me, just like the Widow with the oil that never ran out. I am so wise with all the food of dream revelation that You have showered me with, just like You did for Joseph. And so I am eternally grateful to Your Dear God, For Your Give Me Food.   
Please Feed Me, Oh Creator Of All --- A Spiritual Poem... SEE:



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