Man's Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs

By James Dazouloute --- Man Best Friend, is what you call me. Because I have given you my one and all, and even though you have called me “ Stupid Dog “ at times when I tried to let you know there was danger at the door,
Man's Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs
  or a there was a robber trying to break in, or even an Evil Spirit standing on the roof of your house... I still love you and forgive you, for I am Man's Best Friend.

Yes I am here for you when you leave me home all day long, and I allow my bladder to be damaged when you don't come home to walk me, and permit me to go outside, I am still your best friend. When you forget to give me my heart medicine so I can love you more, I still muster the courage to love you with the little portion of a heart that I have left.

I was ordained by God to walk beside you, play with you, protect you, hunt for you, and fight for you with my brothers, all because I am meant to be your best friend and your dog. And so I give you my tail to wag for you all the days of my life, and I dedicate my tongue to lick your legs clean, all to show you my great love for you. No matter what kind of days I am having, no matter what worms are attacking me, and no matter how many fleas are eating me alive. 
Man's Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs

So your very best friend I am, for dogs are an animal specie of obedient and selfless beings. Yes I am your partner in crime when you are trying to find someone in the woods, and no matter how horrible the smell of you humans, I still gladly do my best to come and find you in the ravines, in the creeks, and even in the dark forests. 

And no matter how you abuse me, how you beat me, and no matter how you kick me just because you are arguing with your spouse, I still love you. Also no matter how many times you leave me in the rain, I just tuck my tail in and then without a thought for myself, I still love you and want to remain your best friend.    
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So man's best friend is what we dogs are, and this love poem is to remind you of that. And we don't even have a Dog - Day, nor do we get unconditional love from you. And when you are done with us, you just want to abandon us to the animal shelters??? But it's okay, we refuse to forget our covenant together, nor do we refuse to and help you, as well as serve you. And so we push on, so we are still your best friend.

And then let's not forget when you are careless and leave your dirty sneakers around and we have to smell it, or you forget to bathe us, as well you don't feed us the nutritious green foods to keep us healthy, but we are still here being Man's Best Friend. Because this is who we are, and we come in many species to adore you, to obey you blindly, and to play with you whenever you fancy it. 
Man's Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs

So go ahead and enjoy your life, go ahead and deal with your stresses, go ahead and get married, go ahead and divorce each other, and definitely go ahead and have your silly wars among yourselves. For we dogs are here to love you, to wait for you, to support you, to watch out for you, to miss you, to play with you, and to be your best friend for life. Oh Won't You Have Pity On Us Dogs With This Love Poem??? 
Man's Best Friend.... A Love Poem For Dogs


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