Top 3 Ways To Help People As A Philanthropist.

By James Dazouloute --- How Can You Help People?... Because you are so tired of looking around you, and seeing your fellow human beings suffer terribly,
Top 3 Ways To Help People As  A Philanthropist...SEE:
 and yet you and your family have been so blessed, for now, with great health, with success, with knowledge and even with good luck. And so you want to get involved with causes that help people in needs, by giving and sharing some of your knowledge, some of your resources, and definitely some of your heart. Because deep down inside, you are a Philanthropist who wants to better the life of humanity, who wants to build a legacy of doing  good, and reaching out to the less fortunate. So today I intend to help you with the top 3 ways to be a Philanthropist, and you can stop asking: How Can I Help People?.  
Top 3 Ways To Help People As  A Philanthropist...SEE:

Top first way to help people: Donate To the A.I.D.S. Cause.
Right now this sexual epidemic is taking so many lives, and these great people will never have a chance to build a legacy because this Virus is so powerful. And whether or not it was Reckless Behaviors that cause them to catch the A.I.D.S virus, or whether their parents had it and they are born with it, does not really matter for those wonderful people right now. Because what matters right now is the need for medicine, the need for compassion, the need for resources and definitely the need for love. So in whatever capacity you can help the A.I.D.S cause, then go ahead and do so. Yes go ahead and donate your time to spend with someone who is dying of this Virus, donate your heart and pray with someone who need love and prayers. Go ahead and donate any little bit of monies that you have, so researches  can be done and a cure can be found. As well, Education can be given to all who are sexually active.  

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Second way about how can I help people: Help Cancer Patients.
There are so many different variations of Cancer, and to this day no one knows who is next to having it.  So this is why it is imperative, that you as a Philanthropist, do donate to causes that are fighting this sickness. And since our entire environment is so polluted, our foods are so toxic, our water is so uncleaned, then you must dig in and help to find a cure. You must also help with spending time and doing the little things that a Cancer patient can not do for his or herself. You must also help in donating any extra money you have for research, and seek accountability for exactly what is being done to find the cure. So do donate your heart and prayers for a cure, prayers for a miracle in a patient's life, and love for the abandoned.  
Top 3 Ways To Help People As  A Philanthropist...SEE:

Third top way to be a Philanthropist: Donate to Sick Kids Foundation.
Children are always the worse victims of sicknesses, because they are so weak at birth, because they sometimes inherit the worst sicknesses from their parents, because while growing up they are curious and can fall under sickness. And since the children are our legacies, the children are the future caretakers of us when we get older, and the children are our glory. And so it is a must that you donate to the causes that involve sick children, and do whatever you can to help them. And the sick children do not have a voice, so you must become the voice, you must become the compassionate one, you must become the protector and you must become the loving Parent to each and every sick kid.

So by now you can easily see the answer to How Can I Help People, because needs are everywhere. And when you donate your time, your knowledge, your resources, your money, your love and even your prayers to those 3 causes, then I guarantee you that The Powers That Be are definitely up there watching you, and are ready to take the little bit that you give and multiply it a thousand fold.  
Top 3 Ways To Help People As  A Philanthropist...SEE:



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