Should You Make Money By Working For Yourself Or Somebody Else?

By James Dazouloute --- Where Is My Money?... Is what you're asking to yourself and even to your friends, day in day out. Because it seems like everything you 
Should You Make Money By Working For Yourself Or Somebody Else?.. SEE:
do keep turning into sand, and no matter how much you put your best food forward and keep coming up with new ideas, it always leaves you needing more money. So what is the problem? What is keeping you from making and getting money? Is it because you are working for somebody else, or is it because you don't know how to start and run your own business, or is it even because some Demonic forces are blocking your financial blessings?

Well let us look at where your money is, whether it is in working for somebody else or running your own Biz. When you work for somebody else you are given a steady paycheck as long as employment is still available. Also when you work for others, they have already agreed along with you, exactly how much money you are to get, and so if your bills have increased then you have no way of getting any extra money. As well when you work for somebody else, you can not just work as much as you want, or just come in on the weekends. Because they would have to pay you overtime. And if you have ideas to expand so you could bring in more money, then your idea may not be feasible for the company's resources.  But you take no real risk of not having enough sales, since if you work then the company has to pay, so for the most part your money is secured. Also you will only be able to retire on a basic pension that has already been agreed upon.  
Should You Make Money By Working For Yourself Or Somebody Else?.. SEE:

Now when you have your own company, you take all the risks to making sales all the time, just like when you are running a website. Also you now are the boss, and ethically you have to pay everyone who works for you, whether or not the money has come in. And you have to come up with new fresh ideas to bring in new money and to expand. Then you are responsible to pay all the bills, even if you don't get paid yourself. But when you have your own business you can make as much money as your heart desire, you can make money and others your slaves by having them work for you even you are sleeping or on vacation. And you can bring in investors and possibly multiply your money one hundred fold, also you can take in as much profits as you want.  You can be the decision maker, you can work extra all you want and you  can be as rich as possible.  And money will be available for you to buy all that you want, and nobody will give you a hand out of steady paycheck.  

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So Where Is My Money... Working For Somebody Else Or My Own Business? Well each one has it's advantage, but you can't leave a legacy behind working for someone else, you can't have your name as the company name slaving for other people, you can't take huge tax deductions for hiring other people working at other people place of business, you can't make decisions to  build a franchise, you can't retire and still have money coming in from other people's work. So having your own business is the way to go, just be prepared to work hard at it and do not give up.  
Should You Make Money By Working For Yourself Or Somebody Else?.. SEE:
But at the end of the day, I tell you Beloved that it is best to do both. To work for someone else, preferably a local government, and have your own business at the same time. Because contrary to popular belief, having your own business always sound glamorous and prosperous, but the truth of the matter is that you will more often fail than succeed, and that is why 80-90% of people who start their small business fail within the first year due to lack of capital, lack of experience, lack of professional contacts, lack of dedication and perseverance, lack of.... etc. And so you see my friend, it is best to have your safety net in getting a steady paycheck and start to dedicate your time gradually to your small business. And one thing that I know for sure about the universe is that, when you don't need money or success, it always brings them at your doorsteps begging you to please accept them. But as soon as you need those things, they are as far away from you as the Planet Jupiter. So play it safe while building your business, because you may have little ones who are depending on you.


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