Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE

By James Dazouloute --- That is because partly, Fear is a poison that can cover your entire mind, and then it can continue to cover your eyes, your heart, your body, your actions, your Faith, and also your Praise of God.  
Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE
  And so there is a Demonic Attack always involved that causes you to have So Much Fear, because Your Familiar or Your Demon(s), who have been assigned to you, have been living with you since you were born, and each time you have sinned, you have welcomed Additional Familiars. Because The Devil can never enter you, your affairs, your mind, your house, unless you have done something that causes God through His Holy Angel assigned to you, to freeze up and not be able to act. And of course you must realize Beloved, that when You have Fear, you are sinning right then and there, and Having Fear to lose your life, Fear of losing your job, Fear of being homeless, Fear of not having enough, Fear of what others might say about you, Fear of many other situations in life... Then You are sinning against God's Command Not To Fear.  
Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE

Additionally, Fear of things happening to you in a bad way, and even Fear Of Success, are just the beginning to a sliding path toward The Devil. Because then, the Demons assigned to You can call their brothers and sisters to come join them, since once You Fear in one area, it will spread to other areas. And all that will affect Your Faith in God, then He will be unable to act for You. Because remember, when The Christ was on Earth, He has said many times that He could not heal many because they had No Faith, No Faith At All. And so when you have Fear, it decreases Your Faith greatly into believing that God could deliver You, could Protect You, could Prosper You, could Heal You, could Make Peace For You... etc. So again, this is why God Despises You Having Fear. 
Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE

Also, when you allow Fear to take over your mind and heart, You then become paralyzed at taking actions to fix the problem. And think about it, if someone puts a gun in your face, and You Have Fear of dying, then you are going to allow that person and his demon, to violate you, to abuse you, to rob you, to beat you, to frighten and even, to reduce God's Almighty Powers to mere mortal powers. Because you have to remember Daniel in The Lion's Den - he had no fear which caused him to keep his great Faith in God, and so God worked on his behalf through His Holy Angels. Also, remember Shadrach - Mishach - and Ebendego, they did not let The Spirit Of Fear take over them so Demons in the King and the ones assigned to them to take over. For they were ready to die and give up their Holy Ghost if God did not choose to act for them, for they had Faith and Love in God that trials and tribulations will not keep them from being true to their Creator. So The Devil and his Mignon got defeated that day.   
Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE

Fear... Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? Because He will never be Glorified by You. Since no matter what He could do for you, you have Fear which creates Unbelief in The Powers Of God, and even if He acted for You, your fears would never see it or understand it. Because Fear is a dark shadow of the night that can take over your life - your mind- your eyes for life. So that way you will be blinded to all solutions available to you, to all evasive maneuvers that you could take, to All The Miracles Of God In Your Life. And all these things will make you unable to Glorify God, and remember that God told You that He Is A Jealous God, and He Loves To Be Glorified As Well. So first you take away your good thoughts that belong to Him to praise Him and pray to Him, by giving those thoughts to Fear and the Demons that are helping you to be lost. Then because of Fear and lack of belief in your heart and mind, God can not move for you, which then means He can not be Glorified and Praised. Again, this is another great reason Why God Despises You Having Fear...  
Why Does God Despise You Having Fear? --- SEE



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