What You Must Learn About The Day The Earth Stood Still

By James Dazouloute --- The Day The Earth Stood Still, although 2 movies were made by that statement alone, it was meant to help bring awareness to you about Mother Earth, and her right to survive.
What You Must Learn About The Day The Earth Stood Still
  Because you see, you have been careless about the only Planet that God gave you to live on, to receive blessings of food, to obtain water to drink, to have herbs and plants to help your body, and to have great air that you can breathe.... But you have just been so careless, so nonchalant, and even so evil in not respecting Mother Earth, and in living in harmony with the animals, the plants, the trees, and the fresh water sources.

And so the 2 movies were made about the day the earth stood still, so you could begin to change your ways, begin to be appreciative to the environment, begin to gently share with your family - friends - and neighbors about what to do to return to the bosom of Mother Earth. All because your friends who reside on the outer Planets have been constantly monitoring your activities, and how you are treating the only true best friend that you will ever have. Also your Brothers who are also Star Seeds just like you, and who are way more advanced than you are, also know about the great value of Mother Earth, and they will do all that is within reason to protect the Planet, to care for it along with the animals who are all as pure as the Holy Angels themselves.  
What You Must Learn About The Day The Earth Stood Still

So as you can see, the 2 movies were made to show you just how wicked you really are, how greed has consumed you, and how you will murder any animal, any plant, any tree, and even your own self in the form of your brothers ans sisters, just to benefit you. And the irony of it all is, you do not even know what is good for you, nor do you really know exactly what is to benefit you, for tomorrow you will change your mind about what you wanted so badly yesterday. And so the Aliens, as you call them, even though they are your brothers and sisters from within the same Universe that you were birthed from, but then again you even call the Mexicans, the Canadians and others Aliens as well. Silly and ignorant, isn't it?  

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Well my friend, as you can see I am rather Blunt with you about saving and protecting Mother Earth. For that is the same way our Star brothers and sisters will be, when they finally intervene and force you to do what is right. And you are already aware that they are monitoring you, your civilization and your Governments, as evidenced about a year ago when they shut down some of your nuclear power plants, and some of your missiles. And you already are aware of the different sightings that have been reported over so many years, and yet dismissed by your Governments and spinned as Air Balloons floating in the skies. But whatever you think of these events, the truth of the matter still remains that you need to care for Mother Earth, you need to do what Klatu from the movies: The Day The Earth Stood Still, has been trying to tell you and stop all your destructive wars and actions. I am here to help you and join, for if you perish, then I too perish.  
What You Must Learn About The Day The Earth Stood Still

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