What Must I Do To Create A New Me? --- SEE

By James Dazouloute --- A New Me, How Do I Create That Awesome Person? And that is a very simple thing to do, since You are Co-Creator with God in making come true All Desires.
What Must I Do To Create A New Me? --- SEE
  Also because of that Great Gift and Power, You Beloved, are able to create a New You every single day or moment that You Choose. And all it takes are the basic fundamental truths of Life. So For today we are going to create The New Me, by exploring the idea of self improvement and the quintessential connection it has with The Mind. And the effects it will have on your Health. Because you already know Dear Friend that without your Health, then you have nothing, can't enjoy nothing, can't share nothing and can't accomplish nothing at all. And the important part of self improvement, or creating A New Me, is your Perception of Life, and how you allow your Brain to process that information, and filter it down to the Cells in Your Body. Because your mind or brain has all the Genetic writing it needs to heal any part of your body on it's own without the help of Doctors. After all it has sustained all the 2000 body parts of that Body of yours for how many years now...  
What Must I Do To Create A New Me? --- SEE


For The New Me, what more can I say to you that you have not already heard?. """There are no Short Cuts in Life""... So Before anything can be conquered it has to be understood --Control Your Thoughts and you can Control the whole Universe.... And so on, and so on. And the oldest saying is still true: In All Your Getting, Get Understanding... So begin by understanding what makes you tick, why are you the ways you are, what are you overcompensating for with all the little Excessive things you do, and why do you eat all those bad things when you know they will make you sick?.. Before I can help you, I have to find out what makes you who You are. Because you are unique and your problems are unique.

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The New Me... So to make a Plan for Self Improvement is pretty simple. Once you know who you are, meaning once you know: What are you weak at, what are you strong at, what can you resist and what do you fall for every time, what do you go back to every time that's bad for you, what are you lazy at doing and what are you on Fire for each time?. You see my Friend, there is an old saying: Manage Your Weaknesses And Improve Your Strength...  
What Must I Do To Create A New Me? --- SEE

The New Me is very easy to create Beloved, because everything that is inside your Mind is imprinted. And so what you have to do is recognize what is good and what is bad. And for what is bad, you have to start to control it, and the things that drive you to do or be these bad things - You have to begin staying away from them. Even in Religions, they all tell you to run from bad things or sins. For those things that make the Bad You are like a Raging Fire, and you don't see Animals stand and face the fire - no they run, Humans run, and even Firefighters will not go into a Raging Fire without having the right equipment. A final example, if you know when you have a bad day you end up Drinking heavily which will affect your Brain - your cells and your Liver, then shouldn't You Run Away from that, or find something else that you really love to do to occupy your mind?. So what you have to do is start loving the Better you, start focusing on all the little good things you had that day ( you ate your favorite breakfast, while driving they played your favorite song, you gave someone you like a Hug, your hair really looked nice today, and so on ).

And you Have to be at your Very Best to bring forth The New Me, because Humanity Need You, and I need You to Share More Of Life Knowledge and Lessons with. The Universe is a Community, If One Soul Is Lost Then All Are.. And we don't want to be lost without You...   
What Must I Do To Create A New Me? --- SEE



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