How To Love Kids Through Charity

By James Dazouloute --- Love kids because they are your future, or love kids because they are so helpless, or even love kids because God will bless you for it, are all what you've heard again and again.
How To Love Kids Through Charity... SEE:
  And all these statements are very true and will benefit all of humanity for a long time to come, as well and more importantly, loving and doing for kids will help immortalize your good name and great deeds. Because what you do today that changes the life of a little child, will only cause him or her to grow up and learn first hand that you are the greatest benefactor ever. You are the  picture of God that they have come to have a first-hand experience through. And even your own descendants will benefit from an act of Philanthropy that you do today for kids, who then will have the opportunity to become a Doctor or a President, to affect the lives of many. So as you can see, when you love kids you are only loving yourself to the fullest.  
How To Love Kids Through Charity... SEE:

Also to love kids is your duty of paying back what once was lent to you, for you too were a child at one time and someone had to love you, someone had to show you kindness and someone had to protect your mind, your body and your eyes. And now that you have received so many blessings and so much goodness, you have to enter fully into your destiny of a great Philanthropist, and begin to establish your legacy through your love and your doing for kids. Who are all helpless and innocent of murders, of robberies, of wickedness, of covetousness, of abominations... And those kids are here to love you back, are here to be grateful unto you, and are here to brighten your day and make you smile. And so you must love kids    
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What you have to do is begin right where you're at. What you have to start doing is take a step forward to lend a hand. What you must do is give a glass of water to a child, you must read a book to a kid who can not sleep, you must brake a piece of bread and hand it to the less fortunate innocent child, you must go out of your way to protect the interest of a child from abuses and from murders. Yes, you must give of your mind and teach a child how to read, you must become the voice and speak for the kids, you must understand the need for kids to have perfect love, and you must be the guardian angel to watch over the kids within your circle and within your reach. As well, you must clothe a child with your leftovers, you must babysit the kids in your neighborhood, you must be the amazing philanthropist who gives all that you have from your heart to better the lives of the kids, and then ultimately the lives of Humanity.

Can you now see how to love kids? Can you now see how to give from the very little that you have? Can you see how you have so much of yourself to give from, and not even have to go into your pockets? All because to Love require only that you open your heart, mind and eyes.   
How To Love Kids Through Charity... SEE:



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