3 Things You Must DO To Change Your Destructive Behavior

By James Dazouloute --- Why Do I Need To Change You Ask? Because I am finally at the point that I now realize, that it is Me, who is causing myself hurt and pain. And I also now understand
3 Things You Must To Change Your Destructive Behavior... SEE:
  that every time something Great comes my way, I will nit pick and find something wrong with it. And if not, then I will create something wrong with it, and then just to say to myself that: It Wasn't For Me, Or It Wasn't Meant To Be. And then, another wicked thing I found out by self-destructive ways is that, I Hate Success Subconsciously, and what I mean by that is, when Success in my life starts to come in bountiful ways, then I will not believe it nor settle for it, and so I will revert back to my old ways of doing things and invite Failure to come. And when that happens, then I feel more at home, because Failure, I know. And I Hear You Beloved, also I took the time to describe these behaviors so you could see that I fully understand your dilemma, along with the repetitive self destructive behaviors that you keep on living with. So today, I will share with you the top 3 things to always observe and keep at the forefront of your mind and eyes, so you can finally stop this cycle of self destruction, and begin to turn everything you touch into Great Success.  
3 Things You Must To Change Your Destructive Behavior... SEE:

Destructive Behavior... What 3 Things Must I Do To Change? First thing: Never, Ever Give Up On Your Goals.
Because when it comes to living life and being Successful, you always have to have Goals for every hour, every day, Season, and years. And even though at times you may not realize it, you have goals for everything. From what time you are going to get up in the morning and go to work, to what time you will have lunch, to when you will work out, and to what arrangements you will make to get the kids picked up. Because they have become so routine, you don't look at them as goals that have to be accomplished, but they are. Instead, you focus on big goals like buying a car, a house, losing 50 pounds, or getting a new well paying job. And that is partly the reason for your Destructive Behavior, because you failed to realize that What You Do In The Little Things, You Will Also Do In The Big Things. All because everything you do is an extension of your personality. And so if you are accustomed to set the alarm for 6 A.M. and you don't care to get up, if you say you will have lunch at 11 A.M. and everyday you ignore that, if you are supposed to work out daily for 45 minutes and you give up on that... Then how much more so will You, when it comes to getting that great paying job, or buying that new car, or losing that 50 pounds. All because you gave up many times on the small goals that you have spoken in your mind and out loud, and so after awhile, your mind and body come to expect failure and self destructive behaviors, because they are all that you fed them. So Stop That, Never - Ever Give Up On Your Goals, especially the tiny little ones, and your destructive behaviors will begin to change to Successful Behaviors.  
3 Things You Must To Change Your Destructive Behavior... SEE:

Second way to stop Destructive Behavior: Never Shoot Yourself In The Foot And Then Blame Others.
Or never cut-off your nose to spite your face, as you have heard these sayings all of your life. Because when you are doing things out of your pride, out of your stubbornness and even your arrogance, then you are feeding your mind, body and soul, all the ingredients they need to grow powerfully in self destructive behaviors. So Stop That, because in your spirit, you always know what must be done and how you must go about it. But your Negative Mind, who is your own worst and most powerful Enemy, is always discouraging you, is always telling you not to submit to anyone, is always telling you not to become an agent of Society. And then, because you live alone and are The Dictator of your own life, then you give up on what was about to bring you success. You just get to the point where you refuse to do what you know will be Great For You. So Instead, invoke the help of your Life Coach (Me), or a great friend whom you respect deeply, and have them hold you accountable, to go through with the great plans and goals that you had. So that way, you will begin to change your self-destructive behavior toward Successful Behaviors.  

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Third way to stop Destructive Behavior: Never Push Away God, And Those He Sends To Help You.
And this one is the biggest reason for all of your failures, this one is the greatest cause for all your self destructive behaviors. Because you push God away when He puts something in your spirit that you must do to be successful and happy, and that is not even that bad, because God Created You and love you for Eternity, and will keep on providing for you and loving you regardless, because He sends the blessings of the rain on the wicked and Righteous alike. But your greatest folly, is when you push away all the people that God sends your way, because if He can't reach you, then He will send His Prophets, in the form of your friends, your boss, your family members,your Life Coach, your leaders even, to come and help You. 

But you always find something wrong with each one of them, and you always find them to be too forward, or too arrogant, or too honest, or too helpful, or too nice, or too controlling, or too opinionated.... And really Beloved, you are only looking at yourself in the mirror, and so what are terribly wrong with you, you project in other people. But because you are so Self-Enlightened in your own mind, which is a fallacy and an illusion, then you refuse Help in all corners of your life. So Stop That, starting today, begin to allow God's Hand to move into your life, and since you are not ready to understand Him when He speaks, then at least, allow the people whom you see and interact with every day, to help you. Because through them and their good hearts wanting to help you for free, then you will see and realize The Hand Of God working. And then Success and Positive Behaviors will come and live with you, and be your pets.....  
3 Things You Must To Change Your Destructive Behavior... SEE:



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