12 Ways I Love God And What About You?

By James Dazouloute --- I Love God... In 12 Perfect Ways. And so must You also, if You expect to make it in the next second, if you need to take your very next breath,  
12 Ways I Love God And What About You?... SEE:
if you have to have brain power to blink your eyes again, if you want to sit in your chair in peace for a minute without the Devil murdering you. And I Love God, The Creator Of All Life - The Source Of Everything Known And Unknown, And I love that perfect entity even For Knowing You And Just As You Are.

1. My heart is heavy because God has to run His Kingdom, and I can not rule with Him because I am down here on a mission from Him. But I am determined to love God spiritually from infinity to infinity.

2. If " Love " ever decides to rebel against my God, and no longer wants to be an entity associated with my God. Then it will be up to me to go find Love and snatch her by her hair, and to drag her back into the folds of God's House. Because I must Love my God.

3. I can never be away from my God, because love is a glue that can not be torn apart once it is given. So I love God incessantly.

4. Show me a couple who love each other like soul mates, and I will show you that this love is not even fit to wash the feet of my love for My God.

5. Some say " I will bless the Lord at all times," but I say " I love God and will love God beyond times. "

6. I am able to speak because of You Dear God, I am able to write this Love Poem because of You, And I am able to have knowledge because it comes from You. So loving You is only natural, as I can not exist apart from You and Your Love. And So I Love You My Dear God.  
12 Ways I Love God And What About You?... SEE:

7. I honor you my God with every ounce of energy I possess in me, and that is only because I love You so much my Creator, since You Are Life - My Life.

8. God is never far away from me, only one thought away. And that is me who has to think and speak God's Name and He is right there for me. WOW! I easily love such a God.

9. I just love my God because He is My Healer in all areas of my life. And all I have to do is bless His Name and speak to Healing to come to me.

10. Angels have to come and assist me, Demons have to depart from me, and even the Universe has to bring to me what I speak of. And my God made it so, just for little old me. So of course I love You Dear God.

11. Amazingly, my God who is a Billion times to infinity Bigger than the Sun, sits in His Throne Room to reign powerful Holy Beings like Cherubim; yet still find it in His Heart to take notice of a wretched " Locust – like " sinner like me. And So Naturally I Am Immersed In Love With My God..

12. My Lord and my God, because You are so Holy, then holiness had no choice than to rub off on me. I love Your Holiness. And I love You God because of the Great Patience that You show to me, when I keep on messing up unwillingly, and even willingly.   
12 Ways I Love God And What About You?... SEE:


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