Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That

Being possessive is a very bad quality that all human beings pick up as early as 3 years old, when we start to point to every single little thing around us and start to proclaim: Mine, this is mine, that is mine, this toy is mine, this is my
Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That... See:

house, this is my bed, these are my shoes, mine, mine and mine... And then as we become teenagers, we even claim our parents' house as ours, by telling our friends: Let's go to my house, or come to my house... As if we are paying the mortgage, or even have our name on the deed of the house. And then later on in our adulthood, we continue on with being possessive by even claiming human beings as our own, like: This is my boyfriend or girlfriend, this is my friend, this is my best friend, this is my enemy, this is my co-worker, this is my fiancee, my husband or wife... As if we created that human being and therefore he or she belongs to us exclusively. Now granted, that other person has agreed to share their love with you along with their heart for a moment, but that does not mean that he or she is yours.   
Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That... See:

Now I tell you Beloved that you must saying this is mine, or my this, or my that - Because this being possessive has caused you nothing but trouble, since you've become obsessed with that thing or that human being or even that animal being, and when that thing is lost, or that person is gone or move on with another person, or that animal being is stolen or is dead, you then become so devastated that your whole being suffers tremendously. Where for example, if a thief breaks into your home and steals the items that are there, you feel violated and suffer a very personal loss since Your house was broken into and Your stuff was stolen. Or if you are dating someone and he or she decides to move on in their journey on this planet earth with another person, you then become filled with jealousy - hate - anger - sadness - and even murderous thoughts. And Why? Especially since you did not create that person, nor have you breathed into their nostrils and brought them to life, nor do you hold any papers that say this person is yours to do with as you please. But since you have been so  possessive and a thief by always claiming what is not yours, also by being misguided and calling everything and every being mine, mine, mine, you then suffer immensely.   
Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That... See:

And so I hope that you are beginning to see how you are trapping yourself into sadness, into being brokenhearted, into depression, and how you are making your life a living hell, because you have attached yourself to every single thing and every single being who comes along your way. And so this is why you must stop this hell on earth that you are creating for yourself daily. Because nothing and no one on this planet earth belongs to you. Why? Because when you came here, that thing in its simplest form was already on the earth, along with the other beings whom you encounter along the way. And so please Beloved, you must stop saying mine, mine, mine or my this, or my that... Because every single thing and every single being has its own life-journey that it is on, and it must travel  and do the bidding of the Creator Of All Life, who is the Holy Spirit, the Source who empowers every thing and every being into becoming matter with life and with great purpose.

After all, if a house was really yours in the universe, would you not have come onto this earth with it? And when you die would you not take it with you? Or if that person was really yours, would you not have come with him or her in the palm of your hands and when you die would you not take him or her with you? And I know that you might say well: Legally something is mine, or by marriage someone is mine. But remember that another human being who doesn't own the universe tells you that it is yours, and does a piece of paper make something or someone belong to you? No, it only shows that you legally have access to that thing or that being.  
Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That... See:

And you even see this when it comes to countries, where people will go to war because some claim that their country is the best, while the other people claim that their country is the better one. Also because of a map of the world with a line creating borders, you will have some that say "My Country is mine and mine only because I was born there (Although they did not create any part of that land) and so no immigrants or others who were born somewhere else are allowed". Again with the my this, my that, or mine, mine, mine. And Is That You Also Beloved? 

And so don't fall for being blindly possessive, instead appreciate each thing and each being in your life, and instead of saying that this thing is mine, or that this person is mine (Like they used to do falsely with Slaves), it is better to say that I am enjoying this thing for a moment, or this is the person I am sharing my love with, or this is the being who is walking this life-journey with me. Truth Will Always Create Mind Elevation. By James Dazouloute  
Why You Must Stop Saying My This, My That... See:



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