Why You Must, Must Drink Water For Perfect Health

Drink Water, every single chance you get, is what you have been told ever since you can remember. Also that your body is 70 percent water and you can't live
Why You Must, Must Drink Water For Perfect Health... See:

without it. All that is very true, and you definitely should do them because you can not go on being thirsty if you ever want to be healthy for life. Since water will help to flush-out all the bad toxins in your body that you accumulate daily in all your activities, like when you eat greasy foods, when you eat sugary items, when you eat all the other foods that you know are bad for you, and when you breathe in the bad air from your toxic atmosphere. And toxins are multiplying all the time inside you, and are creating havoc on your good cells which keep your body functioning properly and without Cancer. But as soon as the toxins have fully taken over your entire body, and have made you become toxic, also your bad blood cells have overpowered your good ones, then you are really in for it when you could have drunk water and flushed them out from your body, but now you have every single ailment that a human can experience.  
Why You Must, Must Drink Water For Perfect Health... See:

So drink water because  without it you would die within 7 days, and you already know how important you are to all your loved ones. For if you do, then you would affect the lives of these people, who were counting on your good health and on being around to help them with their problems. Being around to help them get married, to play with their kids, to help shoulder all their bad dramas, to watch their little kids for them, to give them courage when they are scared, and to even set them straight when they are messing up. All because of the water you drink, you will be around to  make a difference and to even build a legacy.  
Why You Must, Must Drink Water For Perfect Health... See:

Also when you drink water, you will have the most beautiful skin at all times in your life. And you already know how vibrant and youthful you love to look, since you hate it when you have ugly wrinkles all around your body, or when you have very bad chapped lips, or when your body is trembling when you are dehydrated. So water is the giver of life, water is the way to keep your skin looking radiant for life, water is the great way to live disease-free, water is the wonderful way for you to keep all your vital organs in tip-top shape, and water is greatest gift that you could ever give to your body.

So for good health, go out today and drink water to have energy, drink water so you could go out and live life as an explorer, yes do drink all the water you can so you will not be living a life of perpetual constipation. And I know you do not want to look like a dried prune, or have your hair fall out, or your nails falling apart. Just Do It.  By James Dazouloute  
Why You Must, Must Drink Water For Perfect Health... See:


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