Why You Must Control Your Emotions For Great Health

By James Dazouloute --- Why Should You Control Your Emotions? Especially since you need your emotions to motivate you to get things done, and you also
Why You Must Control Your Emotions For Great Health.. See:
 need them to feel for other people, as well you need them in order to show others just how angry you are about their disrespectful behavior toward You. So why should you control them for good health? Well that my friend can be answered two ways: You have to control the negative emotions so that you will not make yourself sick, and you have to control the good emotions so you won't be living in euphoria or in an illusionary world like people do when they take in mushrooms, or ecstasy pills, or even cocaine.

And really emotions are at the core of your very being, they are the fundamental cells that allow you to be humans. After all, even God has emotions, for He is a loving God but a Jealous one as well, and there have been many times when He has given - Vent To His Anger - and punished Mankind for their disobedience and murders of His People. But for you, your emotions are directly connected to your brain and your heart, two key items that are a must for your survival, for if either one of them stop working, You Are Dead. So if you are angry all the time, because you let things get to you, then you are in line for a stroke, where half of your brain that controls half of your body will fry, and that half of you will no longer respond to commands. Also if you suffer from a broken heart or sadness all the time, then you will suffer from heart disease. 
Why You Must Control Your Emotions For Great Health.. See:

But on the other end of the spectrum, you have to control your emotions from being in a false state of happiness. Because then you will become extremely dependent of this illusion of pure joy, and wonderful happiness without having to worry about and take care of all the small details in life. So of course afterward, you will always crash and burn, since you already know that whenever you are on A High, then you have to come down to a Low sooner or later. And then the reprocotions will be great to your health, and you see this with people who pop ecstasy pills, who take Prozac too much, who snort cocaine, or who consume a lot of liquor in order to attain happiness. For the next day, they are in the dumpsters looking to pick themselves back up.

So Emotions... Why Should I Control Them For Good Health? Because you were created to be Even-Steven. Meaning, you were created to be steady in the course of life, you were created to control your emotions on both sides of the spectrum. So what you have to do, is learn to control your mind and your feelings. Meaning, Never give too much importance to anything, whether good or bad. Since You already know that whatever you focus on, will only expand.  
Why You Must Control Your Emotions For Great Health.. See:

For example if someone says that he or she loves you deeply, and you believe him or her to the fullest, and look forward to that love everyday as your bread of life, then your emotions will be ruined, the moment he or she stops to show you love, and you will line yourself up for heart disease and even a stroke. Or if someone says to you that he or she hates you, and you give all your attention and emotions to that statement, then you will be sad and angry at all times, which will help you to line yourself up for a stroke or heart disease. 

So live life in the middle, control your desires about things. For if you don't they will imprison you, and you see this with people running after sex in nightclubs, running after careers for a lot of money, running after illegal drugs to feel good. And this is even why The Holy Scriptures tell you to thank God for every single moment and every single day, and be grateful for each experience. Because you may not fully understand what is happening to you, you may not see 5 years from now, and so if you give too much meaning to it right now - good or bad - then you will have your emotions take control of you, and that is when your health will go bad. 
Why You Must Control Your Emotions For Great Health.. See:



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