Why Do Women Want Big Butt Nowadays When....

Yes why do all women around the world want to have a big butt nowadays when they spent years despising and shaming black women who are born that way? And if you can remember, there was a black lady named Sarah Baartman
Why Do Women Want Big Butt Nowadays When....
who was born with a natural big butt, or maybe even a huge round booty. And for that she was taken from Capetown and paraded all throughout Europe as a freak of nature (See pic. Above), while being prostituted to one and all at a very early age. And even a decade or so ago, black women were shamed by other women of color for having natural big round butts, and they were even constantly told that they look like prostitutes. But now all of a sudden on Social Media, all women around the world are taking pictures of themselves showing their fake big butts having been injected with silicone. So what has changed? From shaming black women to now wanting at all costs the very thing that most women always thought was gross?      

Why Do Women Want Big Butt Nowadays When....
Why Do Women Want Big Butt Nowadays When....

And even all the female celebrities now have jumped on the bandwagon by writing and singing songs about the butt like “Anaconda” Nicki Minaj --- “Booty” Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea --- “My Humps” The Black-Eyed Peas --- “Fat Bottomed Girls” Queen ---- “Baby Got Back” Sir Mix-a-Lot --- Then again if you can remeber, back in 2007 a girl named Kim Kardashian appeared on the scene, and the topic of celebrity butts was once again at the forefront. And now everyone in Hollywood tripping over themselves to prove that they have the biggest, roundest, sexiest ass. Why, Why Now, And For How Long?

Why Do Women Want Big Butt Nowadays When....

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