Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You

Animal Right is a term that you hear all the times, just like Human Right or Civil Rights. And yet you still have no idea exactly what that means, you still do
Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You... See:
not even know how to get involved or what you could do to really ensure that animals have rights and are protected from abuse. Also every time you look around, you see in the news another dog who has just been abused, or another cat who had his or her eye poked out. Or even a Rhino who has just been murdered by Poachers, or an Elephant whose tusk has been savagely ripped out. And it grieves you knowing that such atrocities are taking place, but the few dollars you have sent to the Humane Society seem to be making very little difference, and so today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways where you could really make an impact in the movement of Animal Right:  
Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You... See:

First top way to participate in animal rights: Teach Others They Are A Being Also.
The problem with Human Beings is that the majority of them consider animals to be an It. Like a chair, or a car, or even a garbage can; and there lies  the problem because they treat their cars as disposable items, their garbage can as something disgusting, or a chair as a senseless piece of furniture; and so when it comes to all the wonderful animals of the world, they do not respect them as A Being just like they are. So this is where you come in, you have to remind them that Animals were created just like Man, and even more importantly they were placed under his care to name them, also to live side by side and not a piece of meat since Man originally was made to be A Vegetarian. So take your friends and even strangers back to Genesis, that every life is A Being.   
Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You... See:

Second to way to ensure animals have rights: Ask, What If It Was Me.
You see Beloved, when you place yourself in someone else 's or another being ( An Animal ) shoes, then you are less likely to abuse them, or allow someone else who is ignorant to violate them, or even murder them in cold blood. And even for you, if you have a pet or an animal on your farm, just think that they are just like you, and they too could be having a bad day, they too could be in pain, and they too may not like you for whatever reason. And then you will be able to fully participate in Animal Rights, and allow them the freedom to be themselves, as well help others to see things the righteous ways that you do.  
Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You... See:

Third way to be an activist of animal rights: Remember, You Are Their Voice.
Ever since Man fell out of grace and was thrown out by God from the Garden Of Eden, the animals have become complete strangers to him. And so he no longer could speak their language, nor can they understand his savage outward talk, compared to when he was in a perfect state and could communicate from his spirit and mind. So now, you must take the mantle and become the voice of the animals, just like I am doing with you now, and speak for them, and bring awareness of their rights. But I must beg of you to please, always do it from a kind, gentle and caring platform, because you already know that You Catch More Bees With Honey Than Vinegar. So be the voice for the animals as you get involved in protecting their rights. Because Heroes like you do not come along every day.   So What Other Ideas Do You Have About How To Be Involved With Animal Right?...  By James Dazouloute  
Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals Around You... See:



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