Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth

Why Am I Here? You have been asking yourself most of your life, especially when things get tough, or when tragedy strikes. Also there are the times that  
Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth.. See:
The Universe has forced you to come to a crossroad, where your soul and spirit are trying to get close to God, and you ask of God: Why Am I Here? And even though the Spiritual Scriptures are all around you and are constantly yelling at you the answers to your spiritual questions, you sometimes do not care to listen, since life is so busy pulling you in so many different directions, with so many different disappointments and even so many embarrassments. So today I intend to share with you the top 3 reasons you are here on God's Green Earth:  
Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth.. See:

Why Am I Here, first top reason: To Have An Experience.
Yes Beloved, you were sent here to have an experience on this earth as a traveler from the highest heaven down to the earthly realm. And each amount of air that you breathe, each person that you meet, and each moment that comes into your life, are all experiences for your soul. And for each of those experiences you have, you will only enrich the Universe and allow all of God's plans to be carried out. And this is why you must not be wasting your time in judging each moment or each occurrence, as to whether each one is good or bad, or whether lucky or unlucky, or even whether as blessed or cursed. All because God has sent you here to have experiences every single second of each day, and this is why you must give thanks to God for each thing that comes your way, because it is a chance for you to live, to grow, and to serve God for which you were created.   
Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth.. See:

Second top reason why you are here: To Love.
You are mandated to love all of God's Creations, and not waste time in judging good or bad, weak or strong, black or white. Because then you will be engulfed in prejudice, in misguided hate, and even in segregation. God is Love, and you were created in love and because of love, so you must carry out the purpose of your creation by loving one and all. And always remember, that God is not a dummy, and so each creation is carrying out his or her purpose as established by God; also each being is on a different level of enlightenment and so there are many people who you will meet who are living in confusion, in addictions, in ignorance, in sadness, in filthiness, in darkness etc... And so you must love that being no matter what, but you can hate their sins if they are not living according to God's Word, but love them as human and sentient beings with all your strength and all your might for that is why you are here so God could be blessed.  
Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth.. See:

Why Am I Here? Third reason: To Grow The Universe.
The Universe is an infinite entity, and as each creation is living within their established purpose, then the universe grows in richness and in love. And so God is pleased with you when you are growing His universe, by living out your purpose and looking forward to each experience that comes your way. Remember once again, what you think is a blessing now will turn out to be a curse for you, what you think is just bad luck for you now will turn out to be the very best thing that could have happened to you, and what you think is a bad tragedy for you will turn out to be what God had purposed to use to move all of humanity. So do what you were sent here to do and grow God's Universe, and stop worrying about: Why Me?... By James Dazouloute  
Top 3 Reasons You Are Here On Planet Earth.. See:



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