Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity

Please Help Me  Dear Philanthropist, for I have fallen under a bit of bad luck lately and all the things that I have ever done wrong are coming to settle up with me.  
Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity... See:

And without You lifting even a Pinkie finger, I do not have a way to escape. Oh Brother Where Art Thou in this time of great peril which is at my doorstep? Oh Sister Where Are Thou in this, my hour of testing and lack?

Without God using you to come through for me I do not know where I am to be. Without you using the finances which God gave to you to reinvest back to Him through me, then I might as well curl up in my death bed. Please help me today, because I too am a human being just like you, please help me this very hour, for I too  have been blessed with a Spirit just like you, Please help me as soon as possible, because you are the only open door for me. So Please Help Me My Brother's Keeper!!  
Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity... See:

I am at my last minute of this life, I am at my last bowl of rice, I am having my very last drink of water, I am inhaling the very last bit of clean air available to me, I am hearing the last “I Love You” from another human. And All  I need to go on tomorrow is You, so won't you help me Dearest Philanthropist?

You are all I've got, you are all the help I need, your compassion is all I need to be lifted up, Your brotherly love is the only thing that will give me courage, you kind supportive words are  the only set of wings I need to make me believe I could fly. You are the hand of God, the only hand that I can see to bless God. Yes your philanthropic activities are the only way I could survive at all. So please, do not forget me, do not ignore me, do not pass me by, do not look the other way as I am now a homeless brother, and please do not despise me for being poor... Since God made the rich and the poor alike.  
Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity... See:

I am at the door steps of Death and he is licking his chops to devour me, and he is only afraid of your help and kindness to me. I am in my own private Hell that was created for me, and now the only keys to my salvation are held in your hands. I am so lost without you coming to fight for me. I am precious in your eyes, remember you said that?

You are God-sent to me and for my days of trouble. You are the only Helper who I will ever have. You are the great Protector whom God blessed to deliver me from this atrocious injustice against me. You have been blessed with all the weapons of warfare to  go to war for me, just so I can eat a piece of bread in peace. So go ahead and Please Help Me. 
Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity... See:

Who am I without You? Where is my hope and joy without You helping me? How can I make it through another day without you endowing me to gain enough knowledge to survive? And how can I have fishes for life without you giving me the help to learn how to fish?

You say you love me as you love yourself, you say that you owe me nothing but love, you say that you are my keeper, you say one for all and all for one, you say if one fall then all fall... Then why now are you forsaking me just because I am a different skin color than you, why now are you turning your very brotherly and sisterly back on me just because I live in a different country than you? And why are you looking down on me now when, if you invest in me, then you are just storing treasures up in Heaven where rust can never get to it? Don't you believe in the very things that you proclaim, Family? Oh Please Help Me Through This Charity Poem. By James Dazouloute  
Please Help Me... A Poem About Charity... See:



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