Order My Steps, Dear Lord --- A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Order My Steps, Dear Lord! Because without You doing me this great favor, then I am perishing by the seconds. Yes My Lord, Please order my steps so I
Order My Steps, Dear Lord --- A Poem.. See:
 could live, so I could grow and so I could find Salvation through Your Only Begotten Son. Yes I plead with You my Lord, Order My Steps Through This Love Poem.

I am lost, I am all alone at this hour of 4 A.M., I am inspired by You to write my pleas, I am typing but it is Your Holy Spirit who is doing it, I am joyful to know that You are near, and are able to Order My Steps. Because I am Here to serve You. 

Please Order My Steps Dear Lord, Please Help me My God, Please deliver me O Creator, Please Heal my body - heart - Soul and even all my worldly affairs, Please restore me to Greatness as You intended for me. Please guide me through this world of darkness, Please teach me of Your perfect ways and about The Holy Lamb, Your Perfect Only Begotten Son, just so I could imitate Him in every way. So go ahead Dear God, Order My Steps. 
Order My Steps, Dear Lord --- A Poem.. See:

WATCH VIDEO: Order My Steps In Your Word https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3FXgRHOXfE 

Without You living in me through Your Holy Spirit, I would be non-existent. Without Your unmerited favor pouring all over me constantly, I would not have a job, a house, a car, and even the common sense to pray to You and worship You. So Yes My Lord, Order My Steps, and allow me to be grateful.

Please do not forget, as You visit Your blessed Earth during this 4th. watch, to give me a new revelation, a new form of guidance, to also give me a new spiritual strength so I could pray and intercede for my brothers and sisters to be saved with The Blood Of Jesus. Yes Order My Steps right through this poem. 
Order My Steps, Dear Lord --- A Poem.. See:

I need You now more than ever Dear Lord, Creator Of Heaven And Earth. I need Your Holy Word now more than yesterday, and I need Your encouragement just so I could continue on being a Prayer Warrior. Order My Steps! Yes Lord, I welcome it and I need You To. O Perfect God! Without You to order my steps, as well the ones of My Brothers And Sisters, then we would all perish. So Do What You Do and ORDER. I Love You Lord and I Bless Your Holy Name Through Your Only Begotten Son. Order My Steps! By James Dazouloute 
Order My Steps, Dear Lord --- A Poem.. See:



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