I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too.

I Need God in all areas of my life, since I am so weak with every situation that I face daily, and I fail at every opportunity, again and again. And each time that
I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too... See:

God who is the Holy Spirit, the Creator Of All Life, The Source Who Empowers Every Being, gives me courage to start all over again, then I do good for a little while, but soon fall again the very next time I am tempted. And the irony of it, is that I get tempted by the same situations over and over again, and although I resist  and do a little better each time, then the end result  is still the same, and each time the embarrassment, the shame, the consequences and the nightmares get a little worst. Yes I need God to uphold me, to walk with me and to guide me as well as to protect me, not only from my adversary, but also from myself and my stupidities. Oh The Pain, Oh The Drama, Oh The Headaches, Oh The Punishments That I Bring Upon Myself!!!

I am here, I am there, I am floating hourly and failing at all things in my life. And each time I pray, my mind and the adversary (Satan) from the dark side, both tell me that I am wasting my time, and that God is getting so sick and tired of me, and that the end result will still be the same. But still I kneel and I pray, because I remember that Prayer Changes Things, I remember that I must repeat all that is written in the Holy Scriptures, and I remember that  I must keep on moving forward with my faith in God, and that He will never forsake me. And so I encourage myself in the Lord, because I know that God loves me and I need Him.  
I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too... See:

And so I refuse to give up, I refuse to hold my breath and not take authority from the powers that have been given to me to be able to co-create with God. I refuse to abandon my path of salvation that I must work out for myself, and I definitely refuse to stop trying to work with the Creator. And because of all this, I need God to help me, I need the great I Am to strengthen me, I need the Redeemer to deliver me from all that I face, and I need the God of the most high to look down upon me with pity, mercy and kindness. Yes I am not ashamed to admit it, I am not too needy to plead with the Lord my God that I have to have His help, for He already knew, long before He created me, that I would be too weak and too unlearned to help myself and be victorious in all situations. And so the Holy Spirit devised a plan to help me every step of the way, to protect me from all demonic attacks from the dark forces that I am not even aware of, and from all catastrophes that would keep me from accomplishing His purpose and plans.  
I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too... See:

Oh Heaven forbid that I would be dumb enough to say: I don't need God! Or that I would be so stupid to even say that there is no God, after I have witnessed His Universe, His Earth and all that is within. Never, I must shout, for I am in this for eternity, I need my God forever, and I am nothing without my Protector and Provider. Yes God, You are my hope and my life, You are my purpose and co-creating with You, while doing no harm, is my mission. And so I offer myself gladly to be tested daily, for I know that each time You are perfecting me a little more to the very end. 

And if I don't need God, then who else would I need? Since I am so corrupt and could not rely on me, nor could I ever count on any other being who is not the God Almighty. And so I persevere, and so I push through, and so I refuse to give up, and I give my life and every little thing I do, back to the Creator Of All Life, the Holy Spirit. For He knows I need Him, He knows that in all my heart I truly want to serve Him, He also knows that I am but Human, and so He is mindful of me. Oh Won't you join me and say: I Need God?  By James Dazouloute  
I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too... See:



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