How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens

An Alien Invasion, is an atrocious act that is going to take place whether you like it or not. Because the preparation for it has been taking place for many years, and
How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens... See:

although the Government of your Country has been doing its best to hide facts and happenings away from you, and even have gone so far to make you think that you are crazy. But the Universe being what it is, and God having created a multitude of beings throughout different ages with different abilities, is making sure that all life forms are working to accomplish all His plans and Purposes. And just because you have been told that the world was flat for many years, then when it became self-evident that it was round, and you fought that fact violently, does not mean that the truth will bow down to you, or false fantasy will remain like that forever.  
How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens... See:

And as self-evident as the pyramids in all the countries of the world are, and as evident as finding out about 5 to 15,000 years ago that other Star Seed Beings  have already come down, and have shared great knowledge with Humanity like in India, in China, in Egypt, in South America etc. you still will not accept truth for what it is. And the fact that you are seeing so much technology being used by your Government and even by the very products that you use, then you still will not live by the rules. So Enough Said!... 
How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens... See:

Now to survive an alien invasion, you must be ready to accept truth for what it is, you must be ready to deal with whatever is presented to you. Just like in life, when a situation comes your way like a bad car crash, you first accept that it is here, that it is happening, and you start activating your plans and make things happen to save yourself and your loved ones. And so it is with an invasion, after you accept it, you must start taking those steps to know who your supposed adversary is, or the alien may even be a friend to you, but you must inquire as some kind of announcement will be made, as well their true intentions will become apparent.  
How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens... See:

Another way to survive an alien invasion, is to learn and remember that all beings, no matter how powerful, all have many weaknesses. For you it may be your fragile body, but for them it may be the air in your atmosphere, or the water that will have a devastating effect on them. So  learn their weaknesses, and see how they come out their flying vessels. But first understand that they spent years of your earth time to study you along with the natural resources, and have created ways to get around all that. So start bonding with your human family, because the power of universal consciousness can overcome anything and any being. As well understand that if your enemy is powerful and you are weak, then you must begin to use his own weapons against him, you must create dissension. By James Dazouloute  
How To Survive An Alien Invasion - When It Happens... See:



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