How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love.

How To Be Healthy, is something that you have pondered for a long time. Ever since you started learning about Biology, Health and Wellness; and now you see that  
How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love... See:

your health keeps on deteriorating  with no end in sight. And you are living in pain daily, as well you are constantly sad, you are quite unhappy and the worst part of all is that you are taking-it-all-out on those around you. So because of all this, you hate looking at your body, you can't bare to see yourself in the mirror, and you definitely are despising the monster that you are becoming. But the perplexing thing is that you have been exercising, you have been trying your best to eat healthy, and you have even taken up meditation. So how else can you be healthy, and what else do you need to do to be happy with yourself? LOVE... I Show You:  
How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love... See:

Yes LOVE is all you need  for how to be healthy, because the reason why you have not been getting anywhere with having the perfect health, is you do not have the right kind of love in your life. For you see Dear Friend, you are a creature of love, you were created because of  love, and you are expected to give love, and receive love as well. Just think of God, He was  all alone ( Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit ) and then He decided to create everything because He had so much love in His heart, and He wanted to be loved as well. And here you are, you were created in the image of God to be just like Him, to give and to receive love. And just think of the last time you had love that had you floating on air, like: Romantic love, like the love you felt when you had a Newborn Baby. And when you felt so needed and so loved, there was nothing that you could not accomplish. So instead of going through the motions, you have to capture love. Again, remember that once God saw how much you were perishing, and He had so much love for you, and that gave Him all the motivation He needed to leave His Throne and come down to fight for you, to teach you, to even die for you... and then give you a newborn life. So with this deep love for anyone important in your life, you can easily lose weight, you can  always find the right foods to eat healthy, and you can even have perfect health because you are so full of love.  
How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love... See:

How to be healthy... Another way that love is all you need is when you have someone to love so deeply who really needs you ( Because as human beings, we will never do too much for ourselves, but when we have a child or a Lover who really makes us feel needed, then we go above and beyond, and accomplish all impossible things ), then you send this Love-Energy all throughout your body, or your 7 main Chakra Energy Centers, and now your brain begins to send out all the right signals so the cells can begin to repair any and all damages, since the body is a machine that was made to heal itself. And you already know that if you were to live your life and hate everything and everyone around you, then you would always be stressed out, you would have migraines, you would have high blood pressure, and you would have all kinds of liver damage. But the reverse, if you have love in your heart, deep love,  then the exact opposite happens. 
How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love... See:

To be healthy, one more way love helps you to do so, it makes you eat less. Yes, when you have great love around you and in your heart, then you are only focusing on just that. And you know that whatever you focus on, it will only expand and engulf you. So if you have hate in your heart, or sadness, or depression, then it will all expand and consume you, then ruin your health. But if you have deep love in your heart, where you feel so needed and so loved, then all you spend your time on is to think about that great love, and then your mind is not so focused on eating, and you will not overeat, or even eat all the wrong foods. Because you have bigger and better things to worry about since you are deep, deep in love and your emotions overwhelm you. And you know that the body can live without food for quite a long time, also it can live on very little food. So just eat enough for you to live and have a good life, but never live out all your days just looking forward to eating constantly everything that is placed in front of you. After All, You Are A Sentient Being Who Came Down Here As A Spirit To Have A Physical Experience Of Loving Your Brother And Sister As You Love Yourself. REMEMBER THIS, and you will realize how to be healthy... By James Dazouloute  
How To Be Healthy N Stay That Way Using Just Love... See:


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