Why You Must Have A Good Heart In This Heartless World

Have a good heart, since you are needed so much and the world is always so needy. Because even if you took care of everybody's needs today, by tomorrow they all would need you to give to them your knowledge, your love, your money,
Why You Must Have A Good Heart In This Heartless World

your comfort and even your time. And as a Philanthropist, your heart is always being tugged on to listen to a story, to send one  more family a meal, and to go see a sick child at a hospital, then to join others  in saying a prayer or in honoring another great Hero. Also I must tell you that having a good heart does not make you weak, it does not mean that you are Sucker, nor does it mean that you are a big Push-Over. No Fellow Philanthropist, what it means is that you are a little god who is emulating “Thee God.”

Your type of heart is in great demand, because there is so much anguish in the world, there are so many let downs, there is so much abuse, as well so much anger and sadness that you can' help but to have a good heart to want to help people. And because you have opened your heart to feel for people, you have allowed your soul to join anyone who is suffering to feel their pain. And by that you are giving to that great person who has just hit an unfortunate streak your time, your presence, your comfort, your money, your love, your compassion, and in effect, all that has been given to you by God. So all you are doing as a part of your philanthropic ventures, is giving back what you once received for free.    
Why You Must Have A Good Heart In This Heartless World

And then there is the part where you have been told that it is better to give than to receive. Because when you give you have power, you are in control, you are respected, you are badly needed and you are elevated to Hero status, and why do you think  the Gods in all religions are always claiming that they love to give. But when you receive it is because you have lost control, and you have no power, you have no authority, you have no say so, because all you are doing is receiving a hand out. And just look at all the unfortunate wonderful people from the African countries and even the Caribbean, what Say So do they have in the world since they are always in need? So now you are beginning to see why it is better to give than to receive, as well why it is important to have a good heart so you can give to the less fortunate.  

So with all your might... Have A Good Heart. With all your understanding... Give all that you can. And with all your spirituality... Give to the community of souls. You are  a great being, you are a wonderful Co-Creator, You are an amazing being and you are an unbelievable philanthropist whose sole mission is to better the lives of all humanity. Bravo! To You.  By James Dazouloute  
Why You Must Have A Good Heart In This Heartless World





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