Why Does God Do Anything For Love?

I Would Do Anything For Love, is a statement that God Had sworn by and this is why He had to leave the comfort of His throne and come down in this stench
Why Does God Do Anything For Love?... See:

that mankind has created, to give His life for you and I. And Love has blinded even God, since He was not thinking straight and allowed His emotions to fly high, because He saw you dying physically, mentally and spiritually and could not take it anymore. But what is it about Love that makes even God give up everything for you?

Love is the most powerful being in the Universe, and one would even venture to say that Love is beyond the laws of God, since He too succumb to her, since she is a part of Him and is constantly tugging at His Heart. And Love is so powerful that she does her own thing, and can twist the heart and minds of any being at anytime. And this is why Love is so demanding of all of us, including God. And when she gets hold of you, there is no mountain that you will not climb for her, there is no bullet that you won't take for her, and there is no trouble that you won't get into for her.  
Why Does God Do Anything For Love?... See:

And so with that, God decided to walk among us. He decided to allow part of Himself to drop down in this physical realm, and come experience all that is Human. And He would do anything for Love, by sharing in your pain, your misery, your trouble, your poverty, your anguish, your pain, your discrimination, you embarrassment, your weaknesses and even your temptations. And then go on even further, by allowing Himself to become Sin for your sake, by allowing the humans whom He created to accuse Him and then hold  Him on trial, all the while staying silent. Afterward, He would allow your people to give Him a very savage beating, He would allow your people to spit on Him, He would even permit for your people to shed His Precious Godly Blood. And Love is so amazingly powerful, that God even descended into Hell after all that, to go and save the Souls of your brothers and sisters who did not hear the Gospel or Good News.

So with all this, what if anything, would you do for love? What would you allow yourself to go through for Love? Because I got to tell you that once Love gets a hold of you, then there is no choice. Because you have just become it's puppet and you will go to war for Love, you will allow your passion to overtake and murder like Cain did Abel, if you think you have been wronged. And you would die at the drop of a hat for Love, you would go down to hell and rescue the love of your life... After all this what God did for you, all because of Love. By James Dazouloute  
Why Does God Do Anything For Love?... See:



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