How Donald Trump Lost The Election Being Clueless

Donald J. Trump For President Inc. is a Joke, was meant as a joke and will always be a joke that got taken seriously by the masses. And even The Donald

himself never wanted to be President, never believed he would become President of the United States, because all he wanted to do was to put on a show for the networks since he wanted more money for his show "Celebrity Apprentice". And when he held his press conference announcing his candidacy and talked so badly about the Mexicans and mentioned his plan on immigration along with how he wanted to make America great again, he just so happened to stumble upon what many Americans were secretly thinking, wanting and hoping to one day speak. And then he just took off, making as much noise as he could, but knowing that he wouldn't get far in the primaries. And so he kept on yelling, screaming, making wild accusations, and pushing the buttons of hate, of pride, of prejudice, of fear, and of anything else he could think of. But as the primaries went on and Donald Trump started winning, he became surprised and yet grew bolder, -All The While Not Having A Clue- about how to run a campaign properly, about how to get Delegates. And even now that he has become the Republican Nominee, he has found a way to only collect about half of the Electoral Votes, while Hillary Clinton has quickly amassed well over the 270 votes she needs to become President of the United States. (And we all know that is what really counts, not the popular vote... I.E. Al Gore Vs. George Bush)   


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And that is how How Donald Trump Lost The Election Being Clueless, being careless, being hilarious, being hateful, being a braggart, a hot head who would not listen to anyone but the voices in his head, and someone who was playing make-belief with the most important job in the world.... But you would not believe it until November 5th. came, and you finally realized that all your time was wasted by someone who was clueless about Politics and how things really worked, since you spent all your time reading the news about the Donald, watching TV about him and even went in person to listen to his antics. But how sad that someone like Hillary Clinton, a liar, a woman who defended a Child Rapist, a law breaker, a slave to the Bankers, a puppet of the Captains of industry, can so easily become the First woman President of the United States. But Remember, Donald J. Trump Never Really Wanted To Be President. By James Dazouloute  


--- I Personally do owe Donald J. Trump an apology, by first admitting that I was proven wrong about the reported facts that I have shared in this article by the Mainstream Media (MSM), and so I do apologize for believing that Donald J. Trump was clueless because he had a plan all along by winning the election by having the most electoral votes on Nov. 5, 2016 and becoming the 45th. President Elect Of The United States Of America. And when you are wrong in life, you must always stand up and admit it fully. ---

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