How The Clean Water Act Helps You To Stay Healthy

The Clean Water Act is a law that you do not hear talked about much within the public sector, because it mostly has to do with big Corporations and their 
How The Clean Water Act Helps You To Stay Healthy... See:

sinister acts. However the clean water act concerns everybody, since if the fresh water source is polluted, then you and your loved ones will have nothing to drink. But if you say to yourself it's okay, I'll just buy bottled water from the supermarket. Then you would be gravely mistaken, since the companies must get that fresh water from somewhere before they could bottle it for you. And if  their source is polluted as well, then you will die of thirst, since you can't drink sodas and fruit juice for the rest of your life, as they all require fresh water to break down inside your body. So with all that reasoning, you must do whatever you can to participate in the clean water act.

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The clean water act was established to prevent the degradation of waters, as well restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nations waters. And it goes on to encourage the improvement of water quality standards. And notice the part about restoring and maintaining, so this means that the fresh water sources quality is breaking down rapidly, and there is very little time to do some things right about clean water and keep it that way from inside the earth.  
How The Clean Water Act Helps You To Stay Healthy... See:

But for the big Corporations and even the little guy who have bright ideas to dump their polluted waste into the fresh water sources, then the law makes it a Criminal Violation for direct discharges to waters of the United States - except in compliance  with permits  - of any pollutant by any person. So if you have antifreeze that you have gotten from your car, and you have the bright idea of dumping it in your local lake, then you are violating. Of if you just changed your oil, and instead of taking it to your local parts store  to dump it there, you want to save a trip, so you dump it in your backyard and let it sink through your pipes. And your neighbors see you doing it, then you are violating.  
How The Clean Water Act Helps You To Stay Healthy... See:

So with clean water, you can flush all the toxins from your diseased body. And with the clean water act, you are being somewhat protected from pollution that is either man-made or man-induced alteration of the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological integrity of water. Also with clean fresh water, you are guaranteed to survive for a long time to come. And with the clean water act, you can keep and maintain the original 3% fresh water source that was made available to you by God, inside the glaciers, the clouds, the ground water, the rivers and the lakes. All because you must have water, and the Governments of the world are now starting to recognize it, and doing something about it.  So do your best and get involved to clean up the earth, by cleaning up the fresh water sources.   By James Dazouloute  
How The Clean Water Act Helps You To Stay Healthy... See:


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