Better Humanity - How Do You Do That?.

Better Humanity... All you have to do is be willing to share, teach, transform and empower. Because the need is so great since mankind is now suffering its
Better Humanity - How Do You Do That?...See:

greatest decline in all aspects of life. And because the human beings are so self-destructive which is due to a great lack of Enlightenment, and so this is why your love of humanity is very badly needed to better the whole of humanity.

And it all starts with one brother, one sister, one child or one friend that you begin helping by using Philanthropy. And believe me your reward will be so great that you will not only get it back one hundred fold down here right now, but even after your life here has ended then the great difference you have made in just one person's life, will change the life of that person along with their children, grand and great grand children. But please do not think that you have nothing right now to donate to better humanity, because every single experience that you have had so has been a learning one.   
Better Humanity - How Do You Do That?...See:

And as you already know, every single thing you have learned is a responsibility placed upon your shoulders by the Universe for you to pass it on. And you have seen this with inventions, for once one person has pierced through the mental barrier of a badly needed new creation, then the rest of humanity will learn from the first step that was taken. And then go on to improve upon it, which in turn will end up improving the lives of all humanity. Just look at the telephone, electricity, the computer, cars... All these, are inventions that were started by one person's idea, and once learned by others then the great act of Philanthropy began to take place.  
Better Humanity - How Do You Do That?...See:

And so what do you have that you can donate? What do you possess as a gift that many others around you do not?. Come on think, think, think. There are at least 3 things that you know or do very well, for they come to you so easily, while others around you are having a very hard time in those particular areas. And this is where you come in, this is where you step up and start building your legacy. And it is all because God Had already designed it all this way: For one human to help another, for one human to better humanity. And that is you my friend, in the area of the gifts that you have been blessed with. As for some it is painting, building cars, creating websites. While for others it is singing, it is  praying, it is money, it is make-up.  
Better Humanity - How Do You Do That?...See:

So as you can see, in order to better humanity all you have to do is find what you have inside you, and then begin to bring awareness to all those around you in your circle who so badly need all that you have to offer. Because I have already done my part with my gifts, which are teaching, coaching, writing. So now I need you to help me in the other areas. By James Dazouloute





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