Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After A Disaster

And it is not hard to find someone, some groups and some countries in need today, because disasters are all around you constantly. So to help others is not
See how to help others after a Disaster:

something you have to imagine to do in 10 years, since right here right now in your very own local neighborhood, there is a friend and acquaintance who badly needs you. Yes your help is needed in all areas, such as: To give comfort, to teach a skill, to give some food, to pass - out materials, to fill up sandbags. Etc.  So today I intend to share with you the top 6 ways to help others after a disaster strikes. 

And The First Top Way To Help Is: Know That You Are Ready.
Please stop thinking to yourself that you are just not ready to deal with this right now, or that you just do not have the resources as you are barely getting by. Because it has been said that no matter how bad you think your life is, there are plenty of other people whose lives are worst than yours. And even in an earthquake that is so true, because the person with the broken leg is better off than the person who has been flatten by concrete and buried alive.
Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After A Disaster... See:

Second Way To Help Others: Stop Being Perfect
Do stop trying to be so perfect, because remember this is a disaster and all you have to do is the best you can, with what is available to you right now. I mean sure, you would like to run to the Hospital, if you are a Nurse or Doctor there, and get the best supplies available to help. But you just can't get to all that right now. Or you wish you had a much bigger place to give a room to each person you are helping. Well right now all you have is a little shack, and believe me the people will think that you are a little god, just because you gave them a corner to sleep.

Third Great Way To Help After A disaster: Stop Complaining.
Stop complaining about what the City is not doing, or what the other people around you are not helping with. Because negativity, especially during a crisis, is extremely viral. You will infect every one around you with your complaining. Once again, just do the best you can and give what you can give, because you did not create this disaster, you are just doing your part to solve it.
Fourth Best Kind Of Help With Unexpected Disaster: You Are Not In Control.
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4Th.: You do not control who get to live or die. No my friend, your only job after a disaster is to render help with what you have and what you know, that is it. You have no control over who is lucky and who is unlucky, and you definitely have no control over  what kind of help is given from God. I mean, sure you can pray for others, but remember that the Universe is linear and things are progressing according to pre – ordained plans. You do not have to know all, or even agree, because it will happen anyway.

Fifth Top Way To Help Others After A Disaster: Be The Best Friend.
Yes do become the best friend to every one who is in need. Do give them comfort, do encourage them to move a leg or an arm, do share your foods and drinks, do give conversations, do share your other resources, do pray with others. So do what you can within a high morale context, to help improve the life of another.
Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After A Disaster... See:

Sixth Way To Help: Be Prepared.
And really dear friend, after a disaster the barn has already been left opened. And all you can do now is render help to pick things back up. And how well you help others after a disaster, will depend on how well you yourself have prepared before hands for the unforseen. Because you can't help someone if you have no water, no blankets, no first aid knowledge, no car, no home, no blankets, no joy and no love in your heart. So beforehand, do imagine what can happen and begin to position yourself, your resources and your family in a way to survive and come out on top.

In closing, when you help another you are really helping yourself. When you give Charity, you are really giving to God. When you pray for others, then you are really praying for your own soul. So give all that you can give, and when you think you have nothing left, then become a miracle worker. By James Dazouloute 
Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After A Disaster... See:
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