Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them

Give To The Homeless... But Without Judging. And when you're using Philanthropy to give to the homeless, please do not judge or base your giving of
Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them.. See

anything, on what the homeless will end up doing with it. Because that is totally unfair, since you are judging them because you can see them right in front of you. But ask yourself, how many Charitable Organizations have you given to, that you can't see and yet have taken your hard earned money and splurged?. 

And to those organizations you have given thousands of dollars, but to the homeless on the street you only end up giving 50 cents or a dollar. And yet you want to punish them for only a dollar?. So I implore you, as you perform acts of charity, do give from the very bottom of your heart; and definitely do give unconditionally in your great acts of Philanthropy.  
Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them.. See

One important factor to remember is that, Homeless today could become rich tomorrow, and You can become Homeless tomorrow also. As soon as something terrible takes place in your life that your mind can not cope with, something like the death of all your children in one day, a terrible sickness that makes you lose the functions of your brain, a nasty divorce that blindsided you and took everything away from you, or even being tested by the powers that be from above and they take everything away from you. And so as you can see Beloved, don't be so quick to judge the Homeless when you are reaching out to give them a dollar, which cost you almost nothing. Because you want them to do the right thing and change their lives instantly when something super horrible has corrupted their mind for years, all because you are handing them a lousy dollar? Wow!  

Also when you give to the homeless, or the poor and even the needy, it is to God and His Universe that you are giving to. Because I remind you, that in everything you do it is a seed that you are planting, to harvest in a future time period when you are badly in need of it. Except, you will be getting it back at a hundred fold. And just like you gave to a complete stranger, then the Universe will be returning you seed - investment back to you from a complete stranger as well.  
Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them.. See

And so give today without any conditions, because if the homeless were perfect like you are, they would never be homeless to begin with. So stop judging them and their activities, or assuming that they are lazy. Just give from your heart. And even in the scriptures, it is written that God made the Poor, and you will always have the Poor living with you. And this title ( " Homelessness, Poor, Needy " )is passed around to many in a lifetime for many different reasons. And remember that you can not fly to Heaven to give your money, your time, your clothes, your food, your knowledge, your friendship to God.   
Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them.. See

 So No Beloved, you have to give all that you have to God through another human being, and then He'll accept it, bless it, multiply it, and then return it back to you a hundred fold when you are in extreme need of it, pressed down and shaken together. And then you will have no room to contain your blessings from giving to the homeless... And so leave me a comment and tell me how you felt the last time you gave to the homeless.  James Dazouloute  
Why You Must Stop Judging The Homeless When You Give To Them.. See





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