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How much is a Life worth? And a Human Life at that? Especially when we are being constantly told that all of Humanity has been created in God's Image, and
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each human is in fact a Little God. But I ask you Beloved, how come people rob each other? How come human beings lie and cheat on one another? How come one person will gossip about another or even plot and then murder the other? And by killing each other, aren't we killing a part of that very God who made us as a part of Him/Herself and in that almighty being's very image? And I ask you all that because whenever there is a tragedy like 9/11, all human beings want to come together and give condolences, offer prayers to God and even offer their help. But that is always, always after a tragedy. But during a tragedy, you will have a very hard time finding a few people who are willing to help the ones who are affected. Just remember every time terrorists hijack a plane, where there are maybe 6 of them and about 300 people on the plane. It is always surprising that with some box cutters or a couple of handguns that those terrorists will cause all these people to cower in great fear and do everything they are told. And it is the same thing that great citizens of countries do when they have a Dictator on their hands, where 99.99% of the people just accept all the abuse, all the murders, all the brutalities and atrocities for years and years and years...

But once in a great while, a Hero comes along who decides that he or she is not going to take it anymore and that great person decides to step up and help. And no matter the tragedy, whether it is a terrorist attack, whether it is a hijacking or even a great fire burning down a building, this Hero will always step up and gladly do what needs to be done for the others with no regard to him or herself. And that is just one of these great stories that I am about to share with you today about a Gentleman - a Guardian - a Hero - a Savior - a Light Bearer named Vinicius Montaro Roasdo:
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This man made the ultimate sacrifice for strangers in a dire situation (5 Photos)

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This is what heroism looks like in its purest form.

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FIRE crews were too frightened to enter the inferno – but young clubber Vinicius Rosado was not.
The 26-year-old student plunged into the flames of the Brazilian nightspot again and again and again.
And each time the 6ft 5in “gentle giant” came back out cradling at least one — and sometimes two — people in his arms.
He saved at least 14 lives.
Then he went back into the raging fireball one more time, and did not come out.
Vinicius, known as Vinny, had been one of the first to escape Santa Maria’s Kiss nightclub when fire broke out in the early hours last Sunday.
But according to witnesses, as soon as he saw that his sister Jessica was safe on the street outside he turned around and went straight back in — to help strangers.

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His grieving dad Ogier, 51, said: “They said one time he emerged carrying two people under his arms.
“Even the fire crews didn’t dare go in there, but my son did.
“It was the kind of person he was. He was a giant in every way, but even I don’t know where he found the strength to do that.
“Vinny never thought twice if somebody needed help. When I arrived there that night and couldn’t find him outside the club I knew he was either already dead or inside trying to rescue others.”
The physical education student, who lived with his family three streets from the club, has become known to residents of the small town as “the Hero of Santa Maria”.
Onlookers report that he never even paused to breathe in fresh air each time he emerged from the burning hell.
He would just hand over the limp body he was carrying to firemen, then dive straight back in.
Vinny was later brought out unconscious from the club. He died on the way to hospital.
He was one of 236 young people who perished in the flames and toxic smoke of the party spot. The blaze is believed to have started when a band let off fireworks inside which instantly set fire to the foam roof.
Ogier continued: “I keep asking myself, ‘Why did he do it? Why didn’t he save himself?’
“He was going to graduate this year, he was planning to move to Sao Paulo and he had his whole life ahead of him.
“But he made a choice to save others, even if that meant losing his own life. And thanks to him at least 14 families aren’t mourning for their children.
“My son didn’t die for nothing — he died to leave us all a message, about what matters most in the world.”   
Who Is A Hero - Meet One Today

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