How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time

Fake Christian... Here Is What God Said About That. First we will take a look at: Book Of Mark Chapter 12 Verses 38-40: 
How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time... See

Here are some of the other things he taught them at this time: “ Beware of the teachers of religion. For they love to wear the robes of the rich and scholarly, and to have everyone bow to them as they walk through the markets. They love to sit in the best seats in the synagogues , and at the places of honor at banquets. But they shamelessly cheat widows out of their homes and then to cover up the kind of men they really are, they pretend  to be pious by praying long praters in public. Because of this, their punishment will be the greater ( The Living Bible. )

How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time... See

Here is another one for You:

Book Of Luke Chapter 13 Verses 29:  For people  will come  from all over the world to take their places there. And note this: Some who are despised now will be greatly honored then; and some who are highly thought of now will be least important then ( The Living Bible. ) 

And so with this being said, I do hope that you know by now you must work out your own spirituality with God. Because it is vital that you establish a relationship with your Creator – God today, and right now even. Because if you follow the 270 plus religions of the world, then you will be completely lost, because all of them were created out of pride, out of disagreements,  out of envy and out of the needs to fill in their own pockets. So as my reader, I have exposed you to spiritual truths that you have been told to stay away from, or is even demonic to scare you.   
How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time... See

And important to note and learn that, the light of wisdom was first received by the people living in the East. And so we who live in the west are always playing catch – up.  And this is why when Christ came to earth, it was the wise men of the east who recognized His star, and not us. So when you hear the other faiths tell you about animals power, or contacting higher self, or meditating,  or projecting to another plane, or even talking about quantum leap. Don't just think that they are crazy, instead study and show yourself approved, because the little bit of knowledge you are holding in your hands is only a beginning step. For God's Kingdom is so vast and comprise of so many realms, and God Has also created so many powerful Angels. And I am sure you've heard about the Greeks and their gods, like Zeus, Prometheus, Aphrodite etc...  So Learn my brother, learn my sister and catch God's attention with your hunger and faith.
How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time... See

" The Kingdom Of God Is Within You And All Around You. " So embrace God in every thing you touch, see, hear, smell, and connect with spiritual purity back to your Source – God. So
Watch - Out for the fake Christian.   
How To Spot A Fake Christian Every Time... See



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