How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have

You can donate just about any thing that you have possession of, to better humanity. And all because you already know that everything you do down here
How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have... See

 is a Boomerang that you are flinging, to come right back upon yourself, or to the people that you are connected with. And you see this all the time when someone is evil, and he or she goes out and do wrong. But when the other criminal shows up to take revenge ( Boomerang ), then that person's entire family gets wiped out; even though the rest of the family knew nothing of that individual's actions. And so it is, the same way when a superb individual does a great amount to good by giving to charity, and yet way after that person dies, the family will still enjoy fame, kindness, servitude and even way more blessings. Just look at those Universities where people have donated to.
How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have... See

And so with that in mind, I intend to show you 3 quick ways that you can donate, even when you think you have nothing to give. Here We Go:

First way you can donate is: Your Time.
And beloved, I really can honestly tell you that this is the most precious gift that you can give to someone. And no amount of money you give, could never equal to this. Because you see, God gave you more resources in the earth that you could know what to do with in 8000 years. Although Mankind has a hole in his heart the size of the Universe, and no matter how much they have, then the more needy they become. And so they take more than their fair share, and forget to let their brothers and sisters have a taste. But when it comes to Time, this is the only resource that God has given you an extremely limited amount of. For it is allotted to you by years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. And if you are rebellious and live a dangerous life, then you will cut that time even shorter. So I say all that to show you that when you give your time to someone, it is the very love that is in your heart, soul and mind that you are giving. Also realize that, if you gave someone money and he or she lost it, then you could go out and get some more to give. But if your time is wasted, like say a year's worth. Then where do you go to get some more and give to that person?. So give beloved, your time that is most precious to you as a donation to charity.  
How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have... See

Second gift that you have to better humanity is: Knowledge.
This is another big one beloved, since all of humanity is perishing for lack of knowledge. And even in this day and age, when we have an explosion of knowledge as prophesied in The Scriptures; people are even dumber now than they were 50 years ago. And you know this if there is ever a black-out, or if all the computers went down, or if a great disaster were to strike, or even if the supermarkets shelves were to be empty within a week. As 98 percent of the people would not know what to do at all. And so are you beginning to see just how much you have to donate as charity?. Yes you do, and I applaud you for that. Because this old saying  still holds true: Give a man a fish, and he'll have food for today. But teach him how to fish, and he'll have food for the rest of his life. And so your knowledge is vital, and all of your life experiences are what you have to donate to the young and old. And knowledge about how to plant food, how to live without electricity, how use natural medicine, how to pray effectively, how to live stress-free, how to dress properly, how to protect the mind and the heart from filth, how to stay positive, how to be successful, how to live a healthy life etc... Are badly needed right now from you. And I can only do so much alone.  
How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have... See

Third way you can donate is: Give What Is Useless To You.
What I mean by that is: One man's garbage to him, is another man's gold. And so what you do not have a need of anymore around your house, in your closet, in your backyard, in your kitchen, in your driveway...etc. Are all extremely needed by other people. And just because in your eyes the item is old, just because to you that thing is useless, or just because that old car has been sitting there for 15 years. Or that boat has a hole in it, or even the sole of those shoes are worn out, to some other people this will be ten times more than they will ever have. And I can testify of this to you, as coming from an African Country myself, believe me when I tell you that most of these countries citizens are always living life 30 years behind. So donate my friend.

And as you can see, I did not mention anything about you having to give money. Because although there are billions of trees that are used to print money, we all know that it is control by the top One Percent. And so I already know that you may not have any money right now to give to charity, and this is why I showed you all the things that were way more important that you have to give right now. And them boomerang that blessing back in your life and your loved ones, shaken down – pressed together – with no room to contain. By James Dazouloute    
How To Help The Poor With The Little You Have... See


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