4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly

Crowdfunding, why do you need it? Because when your back is against the wall financially and you don't have anyone you know that you can go to for help, 
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly... See:

then you must come up with creative ways for you to have the funds you need to get things done. And since in this world the only sure thing you can count on is that people will always - always let you down, then you must stay up to date about all the financial sources and resources that are out there and available to you. And so no matter what you are going through right now, no matter what major problems you are facing right now, and no matter what project you want to get off the ground, then crowdfunding is the source and resource you need to know about. And before I reveal what the 4 types of crowdfunding are to you, allow me to remind you not to listen to all the hypocrites of the world, whether they are the nature lovers or the religious zealots who are all yelling at you that you don't need money to live, you don't need money to be happy and you don't need money to be a success. Because you live in a financial and global world, and the only thing that makes things happen is this great resource called money. And remember to always be on your guard, since those same hypocrites are always the ones coming up to you, after yelling at you and preaching to you, that you must give to their cause, you must tithe money to their god and you must help them out financially in order for them to make the world a better place. Also think about all the wonderful things you need and want to do for others, then ask yourself: How are you going to build that Hospital for the orphans? Or how are you going to create that soup kitchen for the homeless? Or how are you going to give people free rides to the moon and back? Or how are you going to give the love of your life the greatest wedding ceremony the world has ever seen? Or... And so as you can see Beloved, all things that you want to accomplish in this financial wold takes money. And what better and quicker way to have money than by having other people give it to you by joining you? Just remember the power of the people and learn to use it. By James Dazouloute   
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly


Four types of crowdfunding:
1. Rewards 2. Equity 3. Donation and 4. Loans

1. Rewards Crowdfunding   
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly... See:
This is the most common type of crowdfunding option available-mostly used by project creators, this type of crowdfunding involves setting varying levels of rewards that correspond to pledge amounts. A standard rewards campaign offers at least three levels of pledges/rewards, and project creators are responsible for sending out rewards to donors .

2. Equity Crowdfunding  
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly... See:
This type of crowdfunding is on the rise after the signing of the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups" (JOBS) Act in April of 2012 (by US President-Barack Obama). This involves the exchange of actual shares in a private company for capital.
Given the success of donation- and rewards-based crowdfunding in the decade up to 2010, it was inevitable that intermediaries in the capital raising business would try to achieve similar success—matching startups with angel investors using the power of the Internet, disclosing information and deal terms, and facilitating the investment transaction—all via the internet. It is a streamlined process compared with the old version. It typically took eight months to one year  for an entrepreneur to find angels who were interested in the offer and to negotiate a deal, whereas the time can sometimes be measured in weeks or days (sometimes hours) on equity offering platforms (Freedman and Nutting ,2015)

3. Donation Crowdfunding  
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly... See:
Donation crowdfunding is exactly what it sounds like – the campaigns collect donations without being required to provide anything of value in return. This type of campaign serves social causes and charities best.
Charities began collecting donations online long before Web-based crowdfunding emerged. However  by 2010, new donation-based crowdfunding  sites allowed very small organizations and individuals to solicit donations from the large pool of people via the internet . Examples range from raising money to help natural disaster victims  to a sport tournament, or for a children school trip abroad, to even having a family reunion .

4. Lending Crowdfunding  
4 Types Of Crowdfunding To Raise Money Quickly... See:
This type of crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to raise funds in the form of loans that they will pay back to the lenders over a pre-determined timeline with a set interest rate.
Lending campaigns tend to take place over a shorter time span of around five weeks and works well for entrepreneurs who don’t want to give up equity in their startup immediately.

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