3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart

Mend my heart you say, well first let's look at how and why it got broken or  cracked in the first place. Was it because you were betrayed, was it because 
3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart... See

you placed too much faith in human goodwill, or was it because you hurt yourself by having lived in your own head, and set - up expectations of the love - relationship that only you were aware of?. Whatever the exact reason for the need to mend your heart is, you have to understand why it happened and how you are setting up guidelines for yourself to ensure it never happens again. And so today I will share with you 3 easy ways to mend your heart, just so you could live and breathe again.  
3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart... See

First way to begin the mending of your heart process is: Give Up The Past.
Yes hurtful friend, you must stop living in the past about what could or should have been between you and that great lost love. All things happen for a reason, and you have to know that the universe is your very best friend, and she only wants to help you. She can see farther than you ever can, and she is the one that always make things happen in your life, whether as a learning experience, a disciplining experience, a karma experience, a love experience and even a rebirth experience. So stand up, wipe the tears from your eyes, unlock the cage where you have chained up your heart, and invite your memory to start creating new memories and new souvenirs.  
3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart... See

Second: You Are Ready.
I know that when you have a broken heart, it is the deepest abyss to climb out of, and it even seems impossible mostly. But I must tell you that when you were within your mother's womb, you were there all alone with only the soothing voice of that great female to comfort you. And now that you are in this abyss of a broken heart, I have to remind that your Creator – God who have given to you the great capacity to love from Himself, is always near you and ready to comfort you and uplift you when you feel all alone. So begin today to know that you are ready to live again, you are ready to allow the universe to bring more great gifts of love, and you are definitely ready to make yourself ready to become greater in love than you have ever been. Remember the old saying: “ Whatever does not kill you, will only make you stronger. “ And last time I checked you only needed your heart to be mended, not death taken from you.  
3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart... See

Third “ Mend your broken Heart “ step to take: Learn And Remember.
Yes do learn from and remember what has happened, because you do not want to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And you certainly do not want any new lover to keep on taking the same path of breaking your heart over and over again. You have heard that you must protect yourself at all times, but I tell you in truth that you must protect you heart at all costs. Since your heart is directly linked to your health, your soul and your spirit. You have to start writing down in your journal, and then speaking out to the universe all that you want to happen in your life to learn and grow, as well what kind of great love you are wanting. Do not bother wasting your time in speaking to your friends about what you don't want in a new lover, or what you are definitely not looking for, or what you are so sick and tired of. For those are all negative energies that you are releasing into the universe, and she can and will only bring to you what you are speaking out. Because God made her to serve you and give you what you truly want deep down in your heart. And so once again, beware of all the negative speeches and thoughts. 

Instead speak healing to mend your heart, speak love to heal your sentiments, speak forgiveness to that lost lover, speak passion to your emotions. You are a being of love, made with love, and traveling here to experience love. So start today and do not relent until you are back on your feet again, until you have received the great love that you deserved, until your soul have fully melted with your soul mate and become as one in perfect love. And as I always say: Love And Life are one in the same, if you don't have one then you have nothing. By James Dazouloute  
3 Easy Ways To Mend A Broken Heart... See

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