How To Change Your Life - Easy

Change My Life... But How?. It is a mindset, it is a place where you have arrived, it is a decision that you are forced to make sooner of later. And you
How To Change Your Life - Easy... See

 have to make a change, simply because you have finally realized that you can not keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. 

And to change your life the easy way, is to simply make a commitment to yourself that whatever is wrong with your life and in your life, you are starting to repair it today. You are starting to take the step which you already know about to move that situation in a good way. And if that is an addiction you are dealing with, you must begin to reduce the source of that addiction today. And if you are losing in every area of your life, you must start to take all the little steps to begin to win. Or if you are without a job, you must begin to take steps to look for one. Or if you are depressed, you must take steps to build happiness in your life, like going to sit by a lake, or getting a little kitten to make you smile, or you can just sit back and watch little 2 year old children play and see how they enjoy the simple life and you can take from them. And if your life is full of drama with people, then begin to cut them off one by one. And so you must know that to change your life is super easy, if you want it to be, because once you make up your mind to become something or to go after something, then nothing and no one can stop you. After all, you are the child of the Creator and every single day He/She creates a blank canvas called "Today" for you, and the Source then gives you that canvass for you to create in this life and in this physical realm whatsoever you want, whatsoever you speak must come forth in your life... 
How To Change Your Life - Easy... See

And today is the day, that you get up and shake all the dusts of disappointments from you, shake all the dusts of laziness, shake all the dusts of sins, and all the dusts of procrastination in your life. For deep down inside you know you are much better than this, you know you are much greater than mediocre. And you are definitely special to God in every way, shape and form. And so do not delay, do not linger, do not wait, do not falter, do not say I can't. All because you've been saying for too long " I want to change my life. "  
How To Change Your Life - Easy... See

And the Angels of God are waiting for you, The Son Of God is sitting at the right hand of the Father God and waiting for you, the Universe is waiting for you to serve you, and even Life is waiting for you to start living it. Because you are made in God's image, and you have inherited the Kingdom. Because you have been given the power of Life and Death in your tongue. Because you are at your best, when you are are your weakest, since that is when God can stoop down to help you and perfect you. You are the best that God had to offer, because you remember your earthly father, Adam, in his perfect state before the great fall. And you are exactly that perfect, that much loved by God, and that much of a Gardner in God' s garden of Eden.   
How To Change Your Life - Easy... See

And this is your life, this is your moment, this is your mission, this is your breath of life and this is what you can not escape. Since God wants you to come home, since God is waiting to put you in charge of all His Angels and all that He owns and created. And I need You to make a commitment today to the words: " Change my life, " since we are all interconnected in the Universe, and I am nothing without your greatness since you contribute to my growth in life. For you are my brother or my sister, and we all rise and fall together. So start small, and I am here to encourage you to greatness and perfection. Hallelujah!!!. By James Dazouloute   
How To Change Your Life - Easy... See



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