Best Video Games - 8 You Must Play

If You Love Video Games, then you must play these 8 Best Video Games, even when they get old. Because your brain needs to stay active, your reflexes need 
Best Video Games - 8 You Must Play... See

to stay great, also because your life needs some excitement at all times. And so playing video games is one of the safest things you can do at home, while you are exercising your brain, your eyes, your fingers, your attention to details and your well being. But don't play video games for too long, because just like anything else in this world, if you overdo something, then trouble will come for you, sickness will come for you, and pain will follow. And so it is with sitting down for 6 to 10 hours playing video games daily, since you will have poor blood circulation in your legs which will cause you to suffer from Deep Vein Thrombosis, and you definitely do not want that. So play these video games for an hour or so, and then go on with your life.

Best Video Games - 8 You Must Play... See
Your desktop is under attack from endless hordes of dangerous little critters and it’s your job to hold them back by laying down a variety of different towers that open fire on anything that gets near them. How and where you build these towers will determine just how good a job you do, but as new enemies appear you’ll have to keep changing your tactics. It’s so easy to grasp, yet so hard to master.

Best Video Games - 8 You Must Play... See
Who doesn’t want Rainbow Power? No-one, that’s who, which is why everyone should try the relentless side-scroller that is Robot Unicorn Attack. A game of endless running that only becomes faster and more difficult as you play, this will teach you the true power of your wishes. Ugh.

3. FreeCol

Take your settlers to the new world, found your first city, grow your economy and declare independence from Europe! This is a freeware reinterpretation of the Microprose classic strategy game Colonization, but it’s been updated for modern PCs and had a handful of new features and factions tossed in.

4. FreeCiv

A game of empire building and global dominance, FreeCiv is inspired by the Civilization series (particularly Civilization II) and gives you control of a single nation which you can set forth on the road to greatness. It’s constantly being updated and improved and even features support for 126 player games. Why? I have no idea.

Transport management might be nerdy, but it’s also incredibly engrossing. Build your own transport network, with trains, ferries, trucks and jets, and use it to help develop the world around you, watching cities expand as you ship goods and connect commuters. This is another freeware version of a stone cold classic and it runs far better than the original ever did, offering bigger levels and more to play with.

Best Video Games - 8 You Must Play... See

Run, leap, climb and swordfight your way to your true love in this fan remake of the stellar platform game of old. Don’t be complacent just because you’ve completed the original, because 4D adds a host of surprises and reworked levels.

Sometimes fans create extraordinary things purely for fun and entirely for free. That’s exactly what happened with Diaspora. It’s a space combat sim set in the new Battlestar Galactica TV series. It’s an extremely faithful recreation of the show and it can be played alone or with friends online.

Starfighter combat in the far future is also the theme behind this second fan project, which brings back to life the long dead Wing Commander series. A fifty mission campaign has you dogfighting your way about the galaxy in the pretty impressive Freespace 2 engine. For anyone who misses the Wing Commander games, this is a must.


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