Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon

The Chameleon, this little animal only reminds us of ourselves always going through constant changes. Because when we hear of the chameleon, we 
Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon... See

instantly think of an animal that can quickly change it's colors to blend in, into any environment. And does this remind us of any other species?.  Well of course it does, us  humans. For we too can change on an hourly basis our personalities, our dresses, our speeches, our friends, our alliances. And everything else that does not fit our moods.

The little chameleon is a small lizard, and lives a very quiet lifestyle. It is simply another little squirrel in this big whole world that is just trying to get a nut, so it could live a stress -  free life. But of course, this world that we live in, it is full of dangers as well as new enemies from all corners; and so the chameleon tries to adapt to each situation as best it could. And depending on it's mood and the environment it finds itself in, it will change to just about any of the major colors to fit in.   
Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon... See

Fun Facts About The Chameleon:

Scary Fact! The chameleons' eyes can rotate and focus separately on 180-degree arcs, so they can see two different objects at the same time. This gives them a full 360-degree field of vision.

Chameleons actual eyesight is great they can see small insects 5-10 meters away. They can also see in both visible and ultraviolet light.

Weird Fact! Chameleons feed by ballistically projecting their tongues often over twice the length of their body to catch prey, forming a suction cup as it hits its target.

Fun Fact! The chameleons tongue can reach its prey in just 0.07 split seconds, with the projectile acceleration reaching over 41 g's of force.

Chameleons usually eat large insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, crickets, and stick insects, some bigger species also eat other lizards and young birds.

Amazing Fact! Chameleons are not deaf but they do not actually have ear openings.

Many species of chameleon have horn-like bumps or crests on their heads.

Species of chameleon can be as small as 15 mm (0.59 in) or as large as 69 cm (27 in).  
Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon... See

But here is a little thing you may not be aware of about this little animal that is six inches in length, and that is its tongue. Because the tongue of the chameleon is usually about ten inches and up, much longer than it's entire little body. And it uses it to snatch little insects to feed on, and then roll back it's tongue back inside it's mouth. As well it has been known that this little creature can hide itself on a branch by changing it's color, and then quickly snap out it's tongue and capture a gnat that is at least 10 inches away from it.  
Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon... See

The Chameleon, This Little Animal Only Reminds Us Of Ourselves With Constant Changes. And so, you can clearly see how we resemble this little creature, the chameleon. For we fight for our survival daily by constantly blending in with our environment. We are just another little squirrel in this big whole world, who are just trying to get  a little nut to live on. And our different personalities are our thick skin that allow us to constantly change our colors, because we have many faces: One for work, one for our friends, one for our lover, one for our family. As well we have many mood swings just like the chameleon which cause us to change our colors, like: When we are happy, we will dress a particular way. When we are in a bad mood, we can fly into a rage and let anyone who is around us see the changing of our colors. And when we are around the ministers of God, we change our colors and try to act pious. Also when we are in love, we definitely change our colors at the beginning of the relationship and try to show only our good sides. So you see, the chameleon definitely reminds us of ourselves with constant changes. By James Dazouloute
Best Little Secrets To Know About The Chameleon... See





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