A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem

Simple Life... Spiritual Poem.  Oh! that I would have lived the simple life all the days of my life so far, and in which case I would have obeyed God Loving 
A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem

Commands, which are for my own good in order to have a great easy going life.

The simple life is what I am after my God, and You have given to me all the simple formulas that I will ever need in Your Ten General Commandments. And yet, I stubbornly refuse to obey any and all of them, but ironically I complain every day to all who have an ear to hear: Oh! Why can't my life be simple?.

Oh! Simple life, how I wish for you and I to be joined at the hips so that you may never depart from me. Oh! Simple life, how my deepest desires are for me to come to know you and understand what you are about.  
A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem

My miseries are my mistakes, and my mistakes cause my miseries, an ever vicious cycle. And my heart is always breaking into a million pieces, and my tears are always flooding my heart on the inside daily as I work on goals in order to achieve the simple life. 

My God, My God will You not help me?. And this is what I say each and every time that I refuse to obey your loving commands, also each time that the consequences of what I have sown have grown, and are being harvested in my life. When will this silly boomerang ever stop coming back to me?. I already know that it is only when I find the secrets of the simple life, but wait; the secrets are just to obey God, such as: Love my brother as I love myself, Love God, Live within my means, And Take Good Care Of My Health.  
A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem

Hmm mm! I got the formula, but why is the simple life not able to be activated?. Just like “ Wisdom,” “ Understanding, “ and “ Courage “ have all eluded me. Please I beg you all, to come into my heart and my home, let us be friends, then best of friends, and afterward become conjoined twins. I am at my last resort, which is begging you “ Simple Life.”

The simple life seems to be living it's life care - free. I say care - free because it does not seem to have care for me, and my needs of it that are as great as the air that I need in my lungs. And so today, I call upon you “ Simple Life “, as I obey God commandments I speak you into my life and all my activities. And so I will learn to live like you, which is care - free.  
A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem

If I don't have my life made simple soon, then I do not know what else I will ever do. And so I am strengthening my girdles, I am pulling up my courage by the bootstraps, I am giving myself a new way out, and I am binding all demonic spirits that have influenced and seduced me into abandoning God, Just like my mother and father “ Adam and Eve.”

Well no more, I will say to each person I meet today: I love you and I am here for you. I will enjoy every little thing that goes on in my life, even when they are not going the way “ I Think “ they ought to go. I will lay down and just relax, and I will thank God for all that I have. And that, is my simple life. By James Dazouloute  
A Simple Life Is What I Seek With God. A Poem




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