A List Of Historical Events That Happened Every Year

History is You and about You. Because you are your brother and your brother is you, you are your sister and your sister is you; since you are an extension of 
A List Of Historical Events That Happened Every Year... See

the Source - the Creator Of All Life. And you can think of it this way by thinking that God is a being, and this being has a full head of hair. Now imagine each string of that being's hair is falling down, but as each one touches the ground it becomes a clone of that being or an extension of him/her, made perfectly in His/Her image. Because that string of hair is part of the D.N.A. of that being's whole body, and that string of hair begins to live a life of its own filled with experiences, filled with love and destiny. And that piece of hair Beloved, is your family line which you were born out of. And that string of hair is a very long one, and when each family member dies, then a small piece of that hair returns back to the head of that great being sharing its wonderful experiences while it was falling to the ground, which is the 3rd. Dimension where you and I are currently located. 
A List Of Historical Events That Happened Every Year... See

And so I tell you all this, so you can begin to understand that every single little thing you and I do, are all part of the same being. And everything a brother and sister from far away on the Planet Earth does is what you do, because you all are part of the whole head of hair I explained above. And so you must begin to know your brothers and sisters by beginning to know History (Also because History always repeats itself), by learning about what those who came before you did, along with what others are still doing to this day to add to the many countless experiences that the Great Source wants each part of Him/Her to experience and then to enlarge the universe. Also remember, as you carry the genes of your father and mother, you inherit what is inside them good and bad, just as every human being carry the genes of the Creator and therefore inherits all his/her traits. So to help you get started in participating in History, today I am sharing with you this List of Historical Anniversaries, so you can see what took place on the day you were born, or on the day your father died, or what happened on the day you got married, or on the day you learned the truth about who you are. And that way you can begin to take your place in this great universe and begin to contribute the Great Continuum, since you are a drop of water in the vast ocean of consciousness. But, each drop of water is allowed to live its own life and make its own History. So What Will You Do Today Beloved? O' Light And Extension Of God!!!. Your Life Coach, James Dazouloute

By clicking on a date and a month, you will see a list of historical event that took place on that day and year:

List of historical anniversaries

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Condensed list of historical anniversaries.

Credit source for table: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1ilKYJ/:16G.UQV6H:KIJYX-iD/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_anniversaries



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