3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things

Unbelievable Facts, Hurry Up And See What These 3 Great Animals Can Do. And they are: The Sea Elephant, The Hummingbird And The Plover Bird. My
3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things... See

 dear reader these 3 Animals will only enrich and increase your Appreciation for the Animal Kingdom and the ways that they share this Great Planet with us Humans.

The Sea Elephant can inflate its nose:  
3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things... See

The Sea Elephant is the largest member of the Seal Family, the Male that is. And these great Animals are huge weighing about 3 tons and they have a huge nose as well all living in the Antarctic. Their snoot or nose extends way over their mouth. To this day we as Humans don't quite exactly know what the real purpose of that huge snoot that covers their mouth actually does, except may be to show an enemy the Sea Elephant is ready to do battle or may be during courtship. For now we see that when he gets angry, he fills up his nose with air and swells it like a balloon and it shapes into a PROBOSCIS that measures well over 20 inches long. Wow what a nose Huh?.

Next Animal up is the Hummingbird:  
3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things... See

A hummingbird is just an eccentric Bird and it is set in it's own ways of doing things it's way. For example the hummingbird flies like an helicopter, it moves straight up, down and even hover in the same spot without falling to the ground. But most Importantly a hummingbird Can Fly Backwards, and believe it or not it does get it's name from humming a tune. No my Friend while flying, its wings flap so fast that a Humming Sound is heard and all you see is a blur. An additional fact for You: the BEE Hummingbird is the Smallest Bird in the World ( About 2 Inches Total ) and weighs 1/10th. Of an Ounce. Just a Busy, wonderful little Creature.

Third is the Plover Bird:  
3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things... See

The Plover Bird is a weird little bird, it has formed  a weird little arrangement with the Crocodiles. And as strangely as this sounds this is a mutually  satisfactory arrangement between these 2. See my Friend, the Plover Bird gets food and the Reptile gets service. You see after a crocodile finishes a meal, it just opens up it's mouth and the small Plover just goes inside the mouth and cleans all the teeth and removes  all the uneaten food. And throughout all this time the Crocodile never shuts his jaws on the Plover Bird. So the bird becomes a great toothbrush for the reptile and it also serves as a look out for it's friend as well, by alerting it of any great danger. On top of that, the Plover Bird digs out Parasites from the Crocodile tough skin.  Now just imagine, hardly no person alive would just easily sticks his hands in the Crocodile's mouth and yet just look at how Nature makes the strangest of Friends.

So what do you say to the features and actions of these 3 great Animals?.  I hope this Article  has shared with you another Glimpse about the Animal Kingdom who are connected to us, and within their way  of life we have learned to live and Survive. By James Dazouloute
3 Great Animals That Can Do Unbelievable Things... See




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