13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

Relationships are all the same and must be treated in the same ways. Meaning, whether you have a business relationship, a love relationship, an acquaintance

13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

relationship, a best friend relationship... they are all the same in the sense all require for you to get something out of it, and for the other person to get their fair share. And anytime one party is not getting their share of joy, of happiness, of security, of trust, of great benefits... then he or she will quickly begin to find ways to make their exit. Don't believe me? Just think about your work relationship with the company you are involved with, and realize that you must be heard, you must show up to work, you have to feel appreciated with being given awards and promotions, you must be happy with your job somewhat, you must get paid for the time and effort you put in, and you must see that you and that company have a future together for you to hang in that business relationship. And if not, then you will begin contemplating leaving it. And so it is with your love relationship, where you have to be heard, you have to feel appreciated with being given gifts and praises, you must get paid for the time you spend with payments of cuddling, payments of love making sessions, payments of that other person giving you more and more love. Also you must see that the two of you have a future together, as well being able to get along and being on the same page on many issues; otherwise you are going to begin looking elsewhere while at the same time looking to see how you are going to get out of this relationship and take with you a severance package of gifts.

But the problem is, people do not treat their love relationship like a business relationship. Whereas in a business relationship, they have check and balances, their partner is forced to respect and listen to them, also there must be profits being made in that business venture, and they would never allow their partner to cuss at them, beat them or take their money and go deal with someone else on the side. But in a love relationship, they will allow their partner not to listen to them, they will allow themselves to suffer, to be humiliated, to be taken advantage of. All because in a love relationship they are always hoping for the best and leaving it all to chances after it gets started. But at the beginning of a love relationship, every partner do their best to follow the rules, do their best to do what is expected of them, their best to toe the line or else they will be fired. But soon the love position becomes permanent, then the man and woman will both begin to slack, to play games, to lie, to cheat, to miss love appointments, they will both stop doing their job as a lover and make love everyday to the other person as they will take sick days at least 3 times a week. But in a job with a company they would never dare to do any of those wicked things, because they would be sent for a sit-down, and then fired. So why are You not being the boss in your relationship? After all, it is your heart and your precious time, and once you lose them both you can never and will never get them back. Isn't that kind of relationship more important than a job relationship with a company, and should you not make your heart a priority? What Will You Do Starting Today Beloved? By James Dazouloute, Relationship Coach.

And so for you to get on your job of loving your partner with all your might, this is why today I am sharing with you these "13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid", so that you won't be fired unexpectedly, so that you won't be cheated on, so that you won't get your heart broken and lose precious time that you could never get back:

#1 Forgetting to Be Friends - Never forget what you two started as:
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#2 Intentionally Saying Hurtful Things. - Just remember the other person is your Boss and can fire you at anytime. Beside, you would never talk to your Boss at work like that.
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#3 Not Resolving Conflict. - No business can proper with unresolved conflicts and neither can your heart be happy
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#4 Having A Long Distance Relationship Or A Lot Of Traveling Involved. - And on this you must be honest, because Distance is never good for any type of relationship, since people tend to lose focus, grow apart, fall out of love, getting on with their lives.
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#5 No Romance. - You are in the romance business, and that is why you call it Falling In Love and Being In Love. So romance is the work you are expected to do daily. Get On Your Job!
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#6 Embarrassing The Other Partner. - That would never be allowed in a business partnership or even at work, so why are you doing it or allowing it to be done to you?
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#7 Not Compromising. - All relationships are based on give and takes. Just like all union members know, all Politicians and all business people know that they can't survive without compromising with the other side. So why are you being so stubborn in your love relationship?

#8 Not Being on the Same Page. - How can two walk the same path on a journey if they do not agree to take that same road? And how can a partnership survive without the two looking over at the same horizon? Since one can not be looking at the sunset while the other is looking at the sunrise...

#9 Not Seeing Things From Their View. - In life, every single person is unique with their own set of fingerprints and with their own mindset. So why do you fight for only you to be heard and never the other person? Especially when each of you has his/her own destiny.

#10 Making Assumptions. - Plain and simple, Never Make Assumptions, But Always Ask.
13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See

#11 Pretending to Like Things You Don't. - Each partner is a unique individual, and because the two of you are different is why you were attracted to each other in the first place. So you are never going to like every single thing the other does. So remember to compromise on both sides and you'll be fine.

#12 Expecting Things to Change. To create change you must become the change. So don't expect the other person to change, but never You.

#13 Constant Fighting. - That is never healthy in any type of relationship. After all, you would never constantly argue with your Boss at work who can fire you anytime, because once you and your Boss can not get along anymore, you would quit. So why keep on fighting in your own love relationship? And you must realize that the page that you met that other person last year on, he or she may not be on that same page anymore and may have even started a completely new chapter in that book called their life. And you may not be an important character in that new page or that new chapter anymore. So just remember what happens in the movies with characters as the movie is changing scenes, some may die and others may grow. Learn and grow!

Always Focus On Your Love To Stay In Love..

13 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid... See



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