10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love

Working from home is becoming more and more the norm in this electronic age, and that is not surprising since we all are constantly changing our 
10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See

thoughts, our minds, our ways, our beliefs and even our lifestyle. So when it comes to how things are done electronically or by computers, or by machines, human beings will usually fight these changes because those invented things tend to take their jobs away by being able to have one machine do the job of 100 human beings in just a few minutes, while these humans would take a week or more to perform the same tasks, because they would get tired, they can only work 8-10 hours per day, they can get sick while working, they can make mistakes from overworking, they can get confused with new tasks.... But machines and electronics do not have to rest, nor do they have to get days off and can work 24 hours a day non-stop while performing multiple complex tasks. But there doesn't have to be a war between humans and machines, because the two could work together as a complement to one another, since humans need help in doing work, in building things, in designing things, while machines and computers need help in getting the exact commands they need to perform tasks, they also need help when they are broken down and need repairs, as well they need help in programming.

10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See

And so as you can see, humans should embrace machines and technology to make their lives better, and not see them as a threat. And this is why nowadays many companies are embracing allowing humans to work with their machines at home while being comfortable and relax while performing great tasks. Also while making a boat load of money.  And it is in that frame of mind that I am sharing with you today about these 10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love, because when you work at home you are able to relax and not be stressed, you are able to save money on buying work clothes, save money on gasoline, save money on lunches, save money on hiring babysitters for your kids or having a nanny to take them to work. And you can avoid having other co-workers gossip with you and about you, also while working at home you don't need to worry about being late to work nor leaving work late since your workplace is at the same location where you live. 
10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See


Ten Work at Home Companies Offering Great Benefits

#1 – American Express – This credit card company frequently hires remote agents to do both customer service and sales.  The pay is around $13 an hour to start, and not only do they have great benefits they also will send you your own computer to use.
#2 – Capital One – This bank and credit card company pays its customer service reps $13 an hour to start.  Then Capital One also gives you incentives once you complete their on-site training.
#3 – Carlson-Wagonlit Travel – This travel agent job for experienced travel agents starts at $15 an hour.  
#4 – Century Link – This telephone and Internet provider frequently hires remote customer service representatives and sales support representatives.  You will be selling their phone or Internet services or service packages to callers.  
#5 – Concentrix – Concentrix hires remote customer service agents to do a variety of day-to-day tasks for their clients.  These tasks might include phone work, email management, and web channels.  Many of their clients are household names, such as Samsung and Apple.  The pay starts between $9.00 to $9.50 an hour with benefits.  
10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See
#6 – Enterprise – This car rental service hires for customer service representatives as well as reservation and sales support.  Customer service agents start at $12 an hour and sales support generally starts at $11 an hour.  
#7 – Sedgwick CMS – Sedgwick Claims Managements Services or just Sedgwick is one of those work at home companies known for its good benefits.  They have both phone and non-phone jobs helping customers file claims.  They pay is $10 an hour to start.=
#8 – TeleTech – Starting at around $9 an hour, TeleTech hires inbound customer service agents and outbound sales agents. 
#9 – U-Haul – The popular moving van rental company hires customer service reps to service those calls who are either on the road using the moving equipment from U-Haul or who might be on the road soon using the equipment.  Customer service reps earn $12 to $14 an hour to start.  
#10 – World Travel Holdings  – This is a company that sells and services vacationers.  You could work as a customer service agent or a travel agent.  You will start out at $11 an hour and then receive performance raises as you go of $.50 per hour after every 6 months.  Travel agents will also earn a commission.  You will also be provided with a company-issued computer, which can cost up to $500 but spread out over a period of 5 payroll deductions.
10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See

So as you can see, there are jobs out there that will allow you to work at home. But you may say that you are used to making a six figure income, while those companies only pay from $10-17/hr. But remember that many of these companies are also offering the same medical, dental and retirement benefits that you are getting at your regular job. And for one thing, not  all jobs are for you, and the other thing to look at is that when you are working at home you can cut your job related expenses by almost 50 percent, so you don't need to make as much money because you don't need a car payment with insurance payment and gasoline payment, also you don't need to get your business outfits dry cleaned, you don't need to get accessories for your clothes - hair - body, you also don't need to pay for daycare for your precious kids as they can be home with you, and you can deduct part of your home on your income tax since you do business there. So the $100,000 you need to go to work at the office, can be cut to half of that. So don't delay, start today and begin looking into this work at home thing. But Remember, Not All Companies Are Hiring In All The States Yet But More And More Are Coming On-board. Also Information Changes All The Time, So Keep Checking Online For Up To Date Information. And then you will find success along with happiness by working at home. By James Dazouloute
10 Work At Home Companies You Will Love... See




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