Why You Must Shop For Music Every Chance You Get

Shop For Music, because this is how God created His universe, using complex mathematical equations which correspond to musical notes, and allow all things and all beings to be created and aligned together. And you have heard 
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that Music Soothes The Soul, and nothing could be truer, because of what I have just told you earlier and the exciting truth that is in it. So for you to shop for music is as natural  as you shopping for shoes, or  a car, or even a home. But, when you shop for materialistic things, they can make you feel good only for a little while and then they go on breaking, or they change into something better and more modern. Well the beautiful thing about music, is that it touches your very soul, and once a song has infected your heart and your mind, then it has become part of who you are today, who you are to be tomorrow, as well what differences you will make in the world.

For you see Fellow Shopper, just one song that you listen to can bind to your senses for life, and each time that you think of it, or hear it, then you are invincible, you are perfect, you are pumped up, you are amazing and you become a Genius. Also, have you ever been in love? Then you remember how you felt, you remember how you wrote such poetry for the love of your life, then you have already experienced the perfect dance with the love teddy-bear in your life, and all because of the power of music.  
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Also you must shop for music, because it is used for all situations in life. And with that said, music can be used for good or evil, and it has been used to  control people. For you have heard many times, that it was only after listening to a great song about murder or suicide, that someone went out and committed that very act. Or you heard that someone was very sick, and the family members just kept on playing all the great songs that this person loves, and before you know it, this sick person ends up feeling better soon, and even cured. Because research has shown that with the right type of music, the mind will give commands to the body and to the cells to heal itself. All because of the great power of music that you shop for. 
How to shop for music that you love.. See:

iTunes: Owned by Apple,
eMusic: This indie representer  controls the second largest market share
Amazon MP3: Started by online retail giant Amazon.com
Rhapsody: Offers a catalog of more than 4.5 million DRM-free MP3s.

Why you must shop for music.. See Reasons

So as you are getting your groove on, as you are shopping for the wonderful music that you love, and as you are searching for your soul, you have to make sure that you get all that you need. And whether it is online or offline, you must find what works for you, you must get the right kind that soothes your soul. But with that said, you can also get some aggressive music, you can put your hands on some punk-rock, and you can enjoy some jazz, or you can get some country music that tells you all about cheating and a broken heart. And don't forget the spiritual type of music, the meditative kind of music and the regenerative type of music. All good for you, all great for your moods, and all wonderful for what is perfect for you.  By James Dazouloute  
How to shop for music that you love.. See:


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