Why You Must Live A Life Full Of Love

A LIFE OF LOVE...  That must be lived with Your Sweetheart, because it is wonderful to have love by your side, to have sentiments flowing in and out daily, to have great feelings being shared between 2 legendary lovers and to make beautiful music in the heart. Oh what a wonderful journey it is, what
Reasons you must love for life... See:

 an amazing life to live after you have placed all your love in the hands of your soul mate. And then you can have all that your heart desires, you can attain greatness, you can feel wonderful, you can become passionate once more about life.

Oh A Moment of eternal joy, Oh an amazing lifetime of great love, an insurmountable amount of happiness to be shared by two great Stars in love. And the beautiful thing is that every single day a life of love can be lived in tiny moments, and all those tiny wonderful moments can be broken down into a smile, into just a look from across a room, into a small tiny hug, into a very simple thank you, into 2 hands joining for a walk... And then that great life of love can continue to live on, and then the 2 great lovers can now finally bond their soul for eternity. And really you must love the great design of love, you must appreciate the master plan of the universe and you must worship the Genius of God for a universe of love, a man and woman in deep love and an entire life made out of love.  
Reasons you must love for life... See:

Yes a life of amazing love where 2 people become one perfect being, and where 2 different hearts make up the perfect love. And since opposites attract, then complement each other, then it is only right that Perfection is created from 2 imperfect parts, him and her. Oh Love, why are you so wonderful? And is this why God Himself had to use your services and attributes so He could create everything in your name and out of You? For it has been said that all things and all beings were made in love, out of love, by love and for the sake of love. Hallelujah!!! By James Dazouloute  
Reasons you must love for life... See:


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