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Alzheimer's Disease, just imagine from the time you are 5 years old, you have been doing things day in and day out. As well building up a long list of great
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souvenirs about your childhood ( Like that great tree house that you and your Father built together ), your adolescent years, your teenage escapades, and even your young adult rambunctiousness. And not to forget, your first big drinking party, your first apartment that made you feel liberated and all grown up; also that very first car that you bought with your own money and made you feel tingly all over, on top of that you must remember that very first child whom you brought into this world, and who made you truly feel like Co-Creator with God... Now imagine all These Great Memories and Souvenirs are no longer part of your persona, nor can you even begin to remember the smallest details about anything that you have ever done. And the worst part is, even if someone who loves you were to show you pictures or videos of great things that you have done, you can never make the association with the emotions or feelings that come with those events. And this my friend, is what Alzheimer's Disease does to you and your loved ones. Just Horrible...  
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So Alzheimer is  an irreversible and progressive brain disorder that gets worse the more someone gets up in age. And that someone is you, your Dear Mother, Your Precious Father, your sweet sister and your wonderful brother. And when this horrible disease strikes within your circle, you will all have to keep on being dependent on others to do everything for you. And here is the extremely sad part, when you suffer from Alzheimer's Disease, you may even forget to breathe. So imagine you are are starving, and yet you forget to eat. Imagine you are getting skin rashes and smelling extremely bad, yet you forget to take a bath. Or imagine, you don't know how to or forget to use the bathroom. So Alzheimer's Disease will leave you confuse, daze, with impaired judgment, personality changes, loss of ability to speak your natural language, and of course extreme memory loss.  
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And it has been reported that Alzheimer's disease is the result of your nerve cells that go dead in the brain. And to this day no one knows what actually cause those cells to die, and whether it is all Genetic or the many bad chemicals that we consume within our environment, or whether some foods that people eat from lead pots, or from hot plastic containers, or even some of the deodorants that are used for years. And research is continuously being done in order to find the exact cause, as well as an exact and perfect Cure.

This horrible disease  will usually give you about 8 to 10 years to live after it strikes you, but I am not even sure how you can make it that long without a great loved one taking care of you every single minute of the day. Because remember that you will forget to eat, forget to drink, forget to sleep, forget to take medicine, forget to swallow etc... But even with that, and for those who have great loving help, they could live for as long as 20 years. And you must know that Alzheimer's Disease, is the sixth leading cause of death among the elderly in the U.S., according to data from The CDC in 2010. And over 100,000 died from this disease, and yet more than 5 million Americans alone have been diagnosed with it, and no one knows exactly how many total in the world per year. And usually, at age 60 and on, you will have the greatest risk of being diagnosed with it, and that is because whatever cause those cells to die have finally accumulated after so many years. But, people who are in their 30s and 40s have been know to be diagnosed with it as well. 
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Alzheimer's Disease is one of the most expensive diseases to care for if you don't have a loved one to help you. At a Hospital or special care unit, the average cost is about $239 per day. Or about $88,000 per year, and if it is Home Care, it will be about the same. And for The Government, Medicare – Medicaid costs, have reached about 200 Billion Dollars and growing rapidly. And to make matters worst, about 500,000 new cases are diagnosed per year, so that comes to about One Person Being Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease every 68 seconds. And since no one is still not sure as to exactly what will cause you to be blindsided by this disease, you have to tip toe in life and do your best to do all things with great moderation, especially when it comes to drinking, smoking, consuming heavy chemically induced meats, and chemical products for your skins. Be On The Look Out For Anything That Have  A Lot Of Chemicals In It. BE SAFE AND BE HEALTHY... ALWAYS.  By James Dazouloute
How to understand Alzheimer sufferers.. See:


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