Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...

Should You Help Anyone around you or anywhere for that matter? After all, who has helped you every time you needed a hand out? And why now that you
Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...

 have the means as a Philanthropist, should you keep on considering requests that come to you in all the different forms of communication? Well Beloved, you don't. But you better. Because when you help anyone, it is not for their sake but for yours, also for the sake of your bloodline down through many generations. And you have read or heard in the many Holy Scriptures, how a prostitute has helped some Hebrew spies, and she was rewarded later on, and even now her name is immortalized. How a young girl named Esther helped a Nation, just by having the King's ears, and now songs are sung in her honor and she is immortalized. How a Philanthropist offered his tomb to place the body of Christ, and he has been rewarded beyond measure, and have become immortal, and his blood line is honored through this day.  
Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...

And I could go on and on about how someone who helped another or a group of people, have gotten a 100 fold return on their investment, as well has become immortal down through the generations, and how many in their blood line have benefited from just that one act of helping a person in need. And now you are presented with the opportunity of helping someone, and keep in mind that right now this person is not much, or this group is a hated group just like they were in the Holy Scriptures. And the Universe sets it up this way, because if you risk nothing there should be no reward, and if you knew right from the start the very outcome of something you would either invest way too much, or do it for all the wrong reasons.  
Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...

Should You Help Anyone? Absolutely, and every chance you get. Because when you do, it is a seed that you are planting in the Universe, it is a debt that you are placing on God's shoulders because All belong to Him, and so by you helping the least of them, you are helping Him, and He does not want to owe anyone or any thing. Also there is this thing called Karma, and what you do now is what you will see later on. And not to forget that Life is all about testing you to see how pure your heart is, to see how merciful can you be, and to see how much you can contribute from all that have been given you.  
Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...

After all, none of this is yours, since you could never take it with you. And although you have to work for some of it by going to look for where it has been placed for you and then do the right things to get it, it was all given to you and placed there for you long before you dropped down in this physical dimension. And that is why God says He is the Way Maker, and He gives you the power to get wealth, and He created all things and beings for His good pleasure. But He is a respecter and a debtor of any man who gives charity, who shows compassion, who is merciful and who is a Helper... And All That Are You, Philanthropist.... So Help Anyone and everyone who are placed in your path, and that way your seeds are spread upon many fields, and You will be the richer for it. By James Dazouloute  
Should You Help Anyone In Need Even If...





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