How To Make It Today No Matter What

Here Is How to do it exactly since Today seems to be one the worst days of your life, and you have been having so many of these horrible days lately that you 
How To Make It Today No Matter What... See

are not sure just what you are going to do to survive it. And deep down inside, you are really a survivor and you really love life, but it seems that lately you are just stuck in a state of paralysis, a state of failures after failures and disappointments after disappointments. And on top of that you are at an Impasse or a Crossroad in your life, where you just don't know exactly what to do, or how to move to the next stage of your life, because all things in your life are on the down side and sliding down the mountain of life.  
How To Make It Today No Matter What... See

But to help you make it today, all you have to do is do One Thing At A Time. And I know that this sound way too simple, and you have doubts that this may help you, but I tell you Beloved, the simplest things of life are always the most perfect. And you have heard how an Ant eats and Elephant, is one little bite at a time, and so for you to make it today, begin doing one little thing at a time. So first, begin to focus only on getting out of bed, and that one right there can be your biggest challenge, as your mind which controls your entire body is very negative right now, as well it has a Defeatist attitude and don't want to be bothered to do anything. So make up a small goal like just make it in the living room and push the Play Button on your Stereo that will play your favorite song.
How To Make It Today No Matter What... See

Help Me Make It Today! Here Is How to do it by just doing one thing at a time. And then you must go to The Source, The Great Creator Of All Energy, because that is what you need the most today and begin to communicate with the Source, like you would with your best friend but in an honorable and respectful manner, and start to pour your heart out. Yes do share all that is on your mind for today, all that make you weak and all the barriers in your life. And when you are doing that, you will feel like the very low negative energy that your mind and body were suffering from, begin to move up toward the sky. And positive motivating energy begins to come down to your body, also hope and strength begin to join in. And that is all because you are a Spirit being and you have a Soul, so when you connect to the Perfectly Invincible Spiritual Source, you are recharging your mind, your body and your soul. And then you will begin to make it today.  
How To Make It Today No Matter What... See

Afterward, the next little thing do by itself is to pick which activity to focus on next. Such as getting dressed to go to work, or just going for a run to release stress, or start to make phone calls to check in with sources of help, or go Online to look for jobs or connect with family members.... Again, Just One Little Thing At A Time, that is how you will get your request satisfied: Help Me Make It.... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute  
How To Make It Today No Matter What... See



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