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What Is Surveillance? Since sooner or later you are going to be stalked, sooner or later the Police is going to stake out your house, and sooner than later you might have to place someone under surveillance who owes you money and 
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you're trying to collect. Or your spouse is cheating on you and violating the vows of marriage, and you will want to follow them to catch them in the act. 

So as you can see, Surveillance is a mechanism that can be put into use in a number of areas of life. And since every life event is a legal event, then you must be fully aware of all the ways you could be placed under surveillance for legal reasons, or you may have to do it to protect yourself. So today I intend to share with you 4 easy ways to have success whenever surveillance is taking place. But first what is surveillance? Plain And Simple: It is the covert act of observing places, persons and vehicles for the purpose of obtaining information concerning the Identification, the interaction and other activities of subjects. 

First easy way for a successful surveillance: Good Concentration.
Whenever surveillance is taking place, you must understand that this is not something that you do under 2 minutes. Because it is a painstaking activity that requires for you to sit there and waiting for your target to come within your area of visibility, and do or don't do a particular activity. And sometimes you may have to wait 12 hours or so just for you to get 2 minutes of footage, or to capture a few pictures of an activity. So you must be able to have good concentration , without being bored, to stay focus on your target. Especially if you have to go to the bathroom for #1 or #2; and you don't want to sit there for 16 hours waiting, and just when you reach for a newspaper or go pee, and your target finally make a move and you miss it all. So be prepared for anything when you are performing surveillance, but keep your focus and attention on the target and their activity, for that is Number One.  
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Second easy way to capture your target under surveillance: Be Discreet.
You know that little funny feeling that something is not right, and then it turns out that you're right... Then follow it when you are performing surveillance, because you want to be discreet. And you don't want to get caught when you are on a stake-out, because if you do then all is lost. You want be like a Ninja, you are there but you really are never there. Meaning if you are on a surveillance, you don't want to be in a yellow car, or a car that looks like it belongs to the Police department. Or you don't want to wear very shiny clothes if the people who are there are dressed in dark suits and are conservative. Use your discretion for how to blend in and to go about undetected. Also you must know how to be secretive and not run your mouth to one and all because of your Ego, you must only share information on a Need To Know Basis.  
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Third easy way for effective surveillance: Use Common Sense.
Common sense is a great attribute that everyone should have, but only 1% has. And if you want to be the master at surveillance, then you must learn to use common sense. Meaning, is the person you are trying to catch in the act actually there?. Or are you in a safe place to perform the surveillance? Because the last thing you want is to get carjacked when you are trying to follow someone. Or you are detected and you refuse to abort the surveillance. Use Your Common Sense.  
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Fourth easy way for success in surveillance: Good Judgment.
You have to know how to effectively look at a dangerous situation, and see what you should do. Since, for example, you do not want for the Police to arrest you while you on a surveillance  routine, or if you are the Police you do not want other Police Department Officers to come and arrest you. Or if you are trying to capture the acts of a Gang Leader, you do not want to get caught because you are too stubborn to abort when the place is crawling with gang members and you did not have a chance to blend in. In all that you do, you must always lose your Ego. For it is what will always make you do what you know you shouldn't.  
4 Great Ways To Do Surveillance On Anyone.. See:

There are 3 types of surveillance to consider when trying to acquire a target:

1. Fixed surveillance... where you are in a fixed location, and you stay hidden as well you do your best not to attract attention.

2. Vehicle Surveillance... where you are following in a vehicle, or you stay at a fixed place within your vehicle. Either way, you have to get a regular vehicle that is as plain as possible, and black is always great but not Government look alike.

3. Mobile Surveillance... and this is where you are following someone either on foot or with your vehicle, or you're using a boat or a helicopter.  By James Dazouloute  
4 Great Ways To Do Surveillance On Anyone.. See:






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