Best Reasons You Must Feed Your Mind Daily

Feed The Mind, For Your Success Sake!!! Yes Beloved, I beg of You for my sake even, to please Feed Your Mind. Because I need for you to be successful at what
Best Reasons You Must Feed Your Mind Daily... See

 you do best, so we can join together to reach down and snatch the others who are so weak and so lost, from the very mouth of Hell itself, so that they too could feed their mind and become great, thereby increasing our Legacy and our Immortality from all the seeds we will have planted inside our brothers and sisters minds. But before any of this Prophecy could be fulfilled, You must feed your mind daily.  
Best Reasons You Must Feed Your Mind Daily.. See

Because Personal Development is Your life, it is your journey to travel on, it is your destiny to be followed, it is the food that you need so badly in order to grow into your full potential, it is what you must have if you ever want to become known for anything, and it is what you have witnessed in all the other great leaders, and Gurus. And so you need to feed the mind, and so you need to never allow your mind to wonder by itself because it is counting on your eyes, your touch, your senses, your touch, your emotions to always keep on feeding it with new positive knowledge and wisdom. So Feed The Mind, For Your Success Sake!!! 
Best Reasons You Must Feed Your Mind Daily.. See

So do not delay oh Great Friend! Do not waste another minute just doing negative and destructive things. Do not take the time to learn and use it to hate others instead, or to be gossiping about things that will not add an inch to your longevity. Because you have a path that is laid out for you, and the only one who can follow it is You, because it was made just for You. And since You are Unique, and that path is Uniquely made for you, then you have to see and understand how it is Only You who can follow it to the doors of Your Greatness, to the very chambers of becoming immortal and great in the mind of others. Just like I am doing now in a very tiny way, by imprinting myself into your mind, and 20 years from now You will remember some of my words that you have just read... So Feed The Mind, For Your Success Sake.. Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute  
Best Reasons You Must Feed Your Mind Daily.. See



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