3 Ways To Give Away Money As A Philanthropist

To Give Away Money is  a goal that you should always bear in mind, and kept hidden in the deepest regions of your heart. Because to be a Philanthropist is the final step and thing to do, during your journey here as a Traveler in this
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physical realm, in order to make a deep impact as a human being and a lover of humanity, since money is one of the most treasured item in this life. So after you have worked so hard all the days of your life, and you have achieved great financial success; now is the time for you to start to give away money to those who are less fortunate, and even to those who need some boots so they could pull themselves up by those very bootstraps. So today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways for you to give away money as a Philanthropist: 
How to give away money.. See 3 top ways:

Give away money, first way:  Always Go With Your First Instincts.
When you bump into someone in need in the street, or you get a letter of financial hardship in the mail, or you are approached in a meeting somewhere by a person who needs some financial help; you always have to go with your first instincts when it comes to giving away your money. And don't worry about what that person is saying to you, or what that letter is describing to you, or even what you are hearing when you take a meeting; because the old saying is still true: The First Instinct Is The Purest. Because that is Your Spirit or Higher Self talking to you, that part of you who is perfect and untainted as well still connected with The Creator God. And that part of you can not be fooled, played with, manipulated or even tricked; because that You, know all things and all beings. So trust your first instinct about that person and about their true financial needs.  
How to give away money.. See 3 top ways:

Second way to be a Philanthropist: Have A Giving Heart.
When you have a giving heart, you will always have money come to you; and no matter how much you give away, The Universe will always multiply it right back to you in new and unexpected opportunities, just so the financial giving cycle can continue. So as a Philanthropist who wants to give away money, you have to give that grant from the heart. And not to worry about The Fame or The Recognition from human means, since it was God from above who loves you so much and opened His heart to create financial opportunities for you to get money. And so you must return what you have been given in the very same way, and that is to give away money from the heart. 
How to give away money.. See 3 top ways:

The 3rd. Best way to make a difference by giving away money:  Set Expectations Of Recipients.
When you are giving away your hard earned money as a Philanthropist, your goal is to improve the lives of humanity. And to help your brother or sister to come out of that deep financial rut that he or she is in. So what you have to do, is to set expectations of what should be accomplished when you give away this grant. For example, if someone needs money to get an education, then you can request that they maintain a B Average, as you pay for each semester. Or if someone writes to you and asks money for a big medical operation, then you can request that the Hospital sends you a report as to their condition, and that this person afterward takes steps to improve their health. Or if someone asks you to feed them for a while, then you can request that along the way they get an education to learn how to earn a living. Because what you don't want is to give away money only to those who need it, but they keep on needing year after year and never try to improve their life. By James Dazouloute 
How to give away money.. See 3 top ways:



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